I Am

I Am Love

I Am Light

I Am Joy

Sovereign Joyful Love

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Growth Expansion Revelation

It’s best to not resist letting go and trusting God. I learned that my highest good is always at play and I am Creator of vast creations.

I had an old reference point of fooling myself that I am not enough and it isn’t even true nor does it serve me. I accept I made it hard and I forgive myself! My new reference point for living as a spiritual being is I AM Enough as I AM.

I choose love for that is what I truly am. I clear away old energy patterns and replace it with loving honoring truths. I witness my complete beauty and grace of Soul.

© Tracey Whittet 2016 All Rights Reserved

What it Takes: Following Divine Guidance

“It is safe to be here.” We love and support you. Your presence facilitates impactful, positive change for Souls ready for the next step.

That it is all right here and all you have to do is Ask, Trust, Acknowledge and Accept your capabilities to bring forth a brand new way. The Magi Way ignites individual connection to their divinity – the Source, the loving compassion and astute awareness how all is perfectly loving and healing past, present, and future life experiences in Oneness. The fabric of your existence is a part of the tapestry of this beautiful experience we call life. Almost every being is imprisoned within the confines of their reality. The grace is paramount and it seems to work best when love is acknowledged and accepted. It is the loving lubricant that releases all non-beneficials to make room and space for more loving presence to enter into the human vehicle and energize, propel , and sift through frequencies of inadequacies, lower thought forms, incomplete energetic patterns or flows. It connects and re-connects what is autonomously missing.

We continue to pour in love, light, joy, power, surrender, wisdom, and most of all the zero-point experience. The energy that runs you is sublime. We care for the other in ways we do not care for ourselves. Right use of attention can re-invent how we see the world, how we witness all things, and how all is in perfect alignment to self-loving deliberations and self-loving care. As we continue to dive in deeper we may consider the inner controversy of self-neglect. As we see the horrifying actions we distribute upon not only our self but on others, we are expecting positive change. Vulnerability is the way out of this distribution of ill will. As we align with our true nature we are in welcomed loveship to our self, each other, and the universe. We are the witness to change. We change when we witness our inner most self and when our inner most self witnesses the desire to change.

All is welcome in the kingdom of Self. It will say yes to all that is without discerning, contriving, eliminating and destroying the very creation(s) it has created. The heart wants what it wants. How is it possible to want an energy that does not serve or enforces non-beneficial loving energies?

Energies always serve. As we pierce awareness we discover another way energy can serve. As we re-direct our life stream we come into alignment with new found possibilities of explicit directional course corrections with loving presence. We witness light in brilliant ways always expanding into more brilliance. ‘We love you.’

We love you. All is well and you are right on time – no pressure, no struggle, no hassle, all revealed with integrity and wondrous loving. Vulnerability is quite a soft penetrating energy of divinity. As we allow our divine essence, our divine presence, our divine loving to be permitted or allowed to creatively express, we free ourselves further into our essential basic divine self wholly together and merged and blended into lightness of being and loving expression together as co-creators of life. As we create meaningful work we co-create with God and allow more of our divinity to come forth and through to facilitate, generate, and contribute to the likeness of being who we are and how we truly serve one another in unity. As our work takes on a life of its own, we begin to foster it and we nurture and blend with the work as it works its magic through, within, and for all-that-is. We regret not, we simply engage with our heart and expand our energy to realize our beginnings and endings and constancy. Right now its awareness that brings new beginnings. Vulnerability provides greater awareness that it is OK to be you. And why not be you? And who are you? Shall we share the truth with you? Yes. You are me and I am you. We are one being speaking through one voice to one audience of what all are you, the one, the other. We are expecting your one voice to express our one continuous message of love in a variety of creative adjuncts of amazing awareness serendipitously sharing the truth to tell a story of loving energy. Trust me. Allow my essence to evolve, Lead me to my true expression of Self. Be present with my Soul – it will lead me.

© Tracey Whittet 2016 All Rights Reserved

The Master Answers Deep Questions Asked

‘What qualities do you associate with me?’  Well I speak for all of us. We see your ability to transform lives with utmost purified devotion. Qualities of love, clarity, humor, astute deep truth, pure awareness, designed perfection, right use of will, resonant hearing of medium messages, purity, truth, powerful awaken-er of dormant awareness within hearts with unbridled possibilities, wisdom, personified wisdom catapulting beings into their heart, and creative connections to witness God’s love.

‘What is my blessing?’ Divine Presence.

‘In what state are people in when they need my blessing?’ In need of comfort and reassurance or a safe place to rest and know all is well.

 ‘What effect does my blessing have on people? In what state are they when my blessing is complete? What is the transformation?’ People feel better because a kind, loving conversation or experience, conscious or unconscious occurs. The transformation is a smile, connection or an uplifted essence in awareness or a lightness of being in a heart felt trinity. Truth absolves all perceived lack. Their essence has been rejuvenated, inspired, and cleansed of impurities. And my essence, my love, my connection to spirit facilitates their Soul. My ability is thy will be done not my will. I am an instrument of creative expression. I bring people home with divine love, light and power. No words are necessary and purity of heart manifests and transfers divine grace. Expansive awareness in a spiritual nature expounds upon life in a most fulfilling way. My presence is the blessing.

‘What walks into the room when I walk into the room?‘ The highest entourage of love. Blessed golden light to uplift all who sense the gifts available for compassionate release. Receiving clarity for what is possible to ignite and inspire hearts to fulfill its grandeur. I see a willingness of spirit to overcome all obstacles towards the path home to God. Real natural foundational truth of Being. Genuine caring. Exuberant joy. Your essence is love. It is pure awareness of divine presence. Authentic heart. Radiant smile. Change agent. Ruthless compassion. Divine witness. Expanded consciousness. Earth Spirit. Multidimensional qualities. Ethereal.

© Tracey Whittet 2016 All Rights Reserved