Awakens Hearts

The Divine Wants You To Know How Magnificent You Truly Are No Doubts About The Quality of Love Realizing Love Awakens Hearts

Sea of Love

  Imagine You Are In A Sea Of Love Everywhere You Look Is Love Visible Invisible Floating, Treading, Immersing

Connecting to Love

  Connecting to the Divine Is What It’s All About The Design of the Human Race Is To Love.  

Beauty Within

Everything Is Impermanent Except Love Love Is The Force That Lasts Forever Designed To Carve Out The Beauty Within

Twin Flames

Divine Partnership Hearts Merged United Beloveds Blessed Be

The Divine

I AM The Divine You Need Not Suffer Surrender At Will Love Is Here

The Way Home

The Way Home Is Through The Heart Beside Looking Within You Look Without The External World Has Clues To Bring You About

The Trusted Flow

Realize And Witness Your Gifts The Revolving Door Is A Test Of Time People Come And People Go Allow And Receive The Trusted Flow

Love Of All

The Love Of All-That-Is Surrounds You The Right Place And The Right Time Show Up Realize The Journey Is The Journey Peace  

Sparks of Love

The Sparks Of Love Fly Through You Allow The Embers To Burrow Deep Within Dislodging Old Forgotten Energies To Begin Anew – Fresh and Clean and Clear

Channel From The Divine 1.18.22

A Gift To Humanity  A Soul Travel Journey With The Divine   When The World Comes Crashing In On You You Know What To Do – Call On Me Deep Within The Heart There Is A Light This Light Is The Full Expression Of Who You Are Channel From The Divine


Floating In A New Realm Guardians Of Light Assisting Never Before Witnessed Love Of This Magnitude

Unlocking The Gifts Of The Inner Self PodCast

Click link to Listen to “Ep: 37 – Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self with Tracey Whittet – Life by Design Not Default by 83/38 Collective ” by 8338 Collective—Unlocking-the-Gifts-of-the-Inner-Self-with-Tracey-Whittet—Life-by-Design-Not-Default-by-8338-Collective-e15id8c/a-a3qv2a6

Dearly Loved

He Loves You Dearly Like A Cool Summer’s Breeze Witnessing The Love Between You Hope Ensues


One Light One Love One heart Unify                                                                                                           … Read More


There Is The Wonder Of Love That Evolves Us All Tender                                                                                                   … Read More


Foundational Qualities Within You Blossom Into Form Life Springs Forth                                                                                                     … Read More


Deep Reflection Of What Is All Around You Unknowing Certainty                                                                                                     … Read More

Inside Job

Intuit = Into “It” Trust The Universe Will Provide Emerging Co-Creation Comes From Within                                                                                             … Read More

New Life

The Way To Your New Life Is Through You Allowing Energy To Carve New Pathways Discovery                                                                                         … Read More


Monstrous Desires In Chaos The World Is Spinning Spinning Spinning Rest and Resolve Peace Ensues                                                                                           … Read More


The Effervescent Flow Continues To Ignite The Greatest Life Calling Now                                                                                                   … Read More


Connection is Vital Source is Waiting Being Shown The Way Eternally                                                                                                   … Read More


The Right Time Is Occurring For Those To Gather Together In Harmony Blessed                                                                                               … Read More


Multiple Challenges Ahead Of You Discerning The Truths Of Your Gifts Removal Of All Obstacles Is Easy Perspective                                                                                     … Read More


The Underworld Calls To You To Fix The Microscopic Determiners Relax Into The Ethers Allow The Helpers To Facilitate                                                                                   … Read More

Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart Contain Your Love As It Overflows And Breaks Open Flowing                                                                                                 … Read More

Witness Me

The Truth of Every Moment Is Important To You Allow The Distinguishness To Reveal Itself Innocence Of Creation Divines You Witness Me                                                                             … Read More


You Are Ready Begin Anew Rejoice In New Beginnings As You                                                                                                   … Read More


The Light Above Is The Same As The Light Below Mystifying The Ages                                                                                               … Read More

Loving Right Action

Results Matter When You Are In The Physical World Designing By Grace Magnifies The Whole Allow The Light To Flow Through You That Is The Loving Right Action                                                                 … Read More

Focused Presence

Focused Presence Divine Revealings Direction Unknown Trust                                                                                                           … Read More

Absolute Trust

Absolute Trust Real Cognition Firm Acknowledgment Time To Create                                                                                                       … Read More

Wisdom Walker

The Wisdom Walker Is Real She Is Inside Of You Marking Your Territory Of Where You Have Been                                                                                     … Read More

Truth Of Our Being

The Truth Of Our Being is Inside Acknowledging The Right Way To Go Exhibits Strong Connection And Conviction To Journeys Yet To Be Discovered                                                                         … Read More

Digestive Trouble

Digestive Trouble Stressed Out On The Insides Triggers Show Its Time To Release The Old Method Of Being                                                                                     … Read More


The Majority Votes Common Ground The Individual Unlocks Sovereignty                                                                                                       … Read More

Wings Uplift

The Students of Age Rebelling Agast Right Wing Left Wings Uplift To See                                                                                               … Read More

Set Back

The Apparent Set Back Is Not A Set Back At All Remember The Reason You Came Here Remember The Call                   Notice the Angel in the cloud (bottom left)?                                               … Read More