Tracey Leigh Whittet is a natural intuitive, teacher, and energy facilitator in Santa Fe, NM.

Tracey offers a unique etheric clearing work - Transmosis™. Transmosis clears away what keeps us stuck and often times these energies are not even ours. The alchemy of Transmosis clears and transmutes the unconscious energies. It clears out our ancestral DNA aligning us with our true nature so we are free to be more of our authentic self. Transmosis clearings create the space to embody higher frequencies and expressions of health, love, and balance.

This transformative multidimensional body balancing clears away non-beneficial energies on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions. When we transmute lower frequencies and return them to the light, we feel more like our true self. We feel better, happier, and lighter because we are uplifted by the 100% pure divine light clearing.

Tracey has trained in many energy healing modalities. She is a Certified Spiritual Healer, Multidimensional Body Balancer, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars® and Body Facilitator, Creative Wellness Instructor, a practitioner in Divine Healing Hands, Theta Healing, Yuen Method, Healing Touch, etc. These trainings have evolved into and led her to the integrated method that Spirit has termed Transmosis.

During a Transmosis experience Tracey shares out loud what she sees and hears as the symbols and light sequences and protocols presented create a clearing for your highest and greatest good. An alchemical clearing occurs without needing to know the detailed story. Spirit speaks in pictures and a lovely Soul Journey weaves through the clearing of wounds and disconnects, known and unknown, or conscious and unconscious.

Transmosis can change people’s lives. It’s like Soul Homeopathy and it works! When we acknowledge and accept what is coming through, we meet the energies that have longed to support us and help us in our life.

Offering the Alchemy of Transmosis experience either in person* or via Zoom.
*Santa Fe, NM

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I feel as if I received a full "reboot" that calmed & "reset" my nervous system, opened my heart, and restored my trust in myself and the universe.
~ Susan Blackwell

It is important to only work with those of the highest integrity. Tracey is an extremely gifted healer. The work she does is gentle and loving. I can open myself with full trust with the knowing it will be for my highest good. Recommending Tracey to my friends is to give them a gift of joy.
~ Carol Anderssen

A gift for you... Transmosis Clearing of the Nervous System of the Astral Body.

What is Transmosis?

Transmosis is a unique energy clearing experience that allows you to receive compassionate, loving, inspirational messages and energy clearings on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Clearing what no longer works or serves you and frees up energies that support healing, creating, and moving into more of what you desire in life.

Tracey has always shared what she sees and hears in any energy healing modality. This seems to be her unique gift because sharing it out loud is alchemic. When her consciousness shares what is presented in the Divine Flow, your consciousness meets it and experiences it uniquely within. Many years ago, in a Reiki session she heard the word Transmosis while working with someone. She asked spirit what does Transmosis mean? This was the response: Transmosis is an unconscious transfer and assimilation of higher energies to raise the recipient’s energy to equal Source energy.

Transmosis is a process that uplifts and elevates you into wholeness. It supports your natural unfoldment and highest good.

What is the Process?

This is very sacred work. Clearing wounds and disconnects, known or unknown, is the basis of the clearing. The clearing allows for a more enhanced, unencumbered flow from Source. Eighty percent of the wounds and disconnects are in the Nervous, Chakra, and Endocrine systems. When these are removed and cleared, more light enters our systems allowing greater increase in frequency.

Often times we have inherited ancestral energies from our biological mother and father's side of the family. We clear out what isn't required for everyone's highest and greatest good. Clearing stuck energies in the DNA supports everyone on the timeline forward and backward. Interestingly these energies are not even ours yet they feel like they are because we experience them through our behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Gently releasing and clearing our genetic anomalies is powerfully liberating.

We have many bodies and just because we can only see the Physical body doesn’t mean the other bodies do not exist. Nighty-nine percent of the clearing work is in the invisible realms. The other bodies surround the physical body and look just like it. Some believe these bodies are within the physical realm and are considered Soul Centric. Either way you visualize or experience the invisible bodies is fine. Right next to the Physical is the Supra Physical, then the Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric, and Soul bodies. Sometimes things are attached, stuck, or hidden between the bodies, systems, levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions. Sometimes things are out of alignment, entangled, and constricted. The guides tell us what to work on first and the sequences and protocols are unique to you.

Transmosis works in-person and remotely. The process starts by you filling out a short form, sharing what you want to work on in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The alchemy of change begins through your awareness of what is happening for you on these levels. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you need because before the session begins Tracey connects within and asks what is in your highest and best good. She created a map to discern how many ancestral generations to clear, what bodies and systems may need attention, what the core issue is, etc. When you meet on Zoom or in-person, we discuss your concerns, issues, and desires. Tracey shares briefly her discoveries before formally starting the recording and consecrating the Transmosis experience for clearing what no longer serves you.

When we work online or in-person you lie fully-clothed on your back on a bodywork table or sit in a comfortable chair. She often starts by checking your hand and body chakras to ensure everything is open and ready to receive the transmission to give you the best possible experience. If it is found that something is not open, or blocked, we clear and realign to open the flow of energy. Energy is supposed to move and flow. This process is recorded to remind and empower you to be able to do this for yourself.

We consecrate the session by calling in 100% pure divine light and ask for your highest and greatest good to be done for yourself and for all concerned. Inwardly Tracey hears where to begin or she asks “Show Me” where to start. The light sequence protocols are unique and very personal for your highest good.

Sharing what is seen and heard on the Inner out loud creates an alchemical clearing without needing to know the detailed story. You receive an audio copy of the Transmosis experience to work with as long as you like. This work is very deep and integration could take a few days or many months. The integration period is unique to each person.

The clearing away, dissolving, and transmutation of the energies that no longer serve you free you up to live life with more ease and clarity. Purifying, clearing, and transmuting the energies that weigh you down allow you to enjoy life more and feel better. Evolving is an Inside Job. Change happens on the Inner first and the Outer world reflects our Inner world. You choose how fast or slow you wish to grow. Transmosis is a soft, easy, loving inducement of the Divine frequencies to uplift you to where you want to go, how you want to be, what you need to do to feel peace within.

These advanced clearings can change people’s lives. A different perspective of life emerges. You are completely new after the clearing. This new reality is revealed by clearing the levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions of unnecessary, non-beneficial energies.

Why Does Transmosis Work?

Transmosis elevates your frequency and you are reminded that you are more than just your physical body. Higher frequencies can provide a higher quality of life and health on all levels. Transmosis provides clarity and restores, resets, regenerates, recalibrates, and integrates you on all levels; returning you to wholeness. The recalibration can feel very new. You are returned to your correct divine blueprint. When we are met with love and receive Divine messages of what is happening on the Inner (where all changes begin), we are reminded to connect with that sacred part within us that is love. 

Clearing out lower frequencies or stuck energies allows us to have more light within our bodies, systems, and cellular structures. We realign and restore energies creating balance within. As we empower, assist, and rid the body of energies that no longer serve you we create new open space within where love and light can flow through you without having the blocks, wounds, and disconnects that can distort our true nature.

By transmuting lower frequencies and returning them to the light, we create the space within to embody more light. When we have more light our frequencies are higher and we are happier, healthier, and more conscious of who and what we are. After a Transmosis experience we become conscious of the changes and we can choose to respond to life with love in our hearts, minds, and bodies. We can facilitate higher vibrational choices for ourselves because it is in alignment with our life plan and life itself. We are love. Transmosis works with the essence of what we are. We are this love. Love is everything. Realizing and experiencing wholeness allows us to create more and more of what we came here to do.

Tracey believes you can do this for yourself. Her desire is to empower you to care for yourself by connecting to your Divine Source. This connection is how the alchemy, course correction, balance is restored. We are Divine Humans. As we breathe oxygen, prana, chi, qi we connect with the Divine. It is very simple and easy to do which may be why it is overlooked. Strengthening your connection to the Divine and to yourself is the first and most important step. We overlook the fact that we are Divine Humans. Tracey desires to empower you to remember who and what you truly are and to reclaim your own Inner wisdom, love, and power. She is honored to facilitate the Transmosis experience and share what is happening for you as the energies are released and transmuted for your continued unfoldment, growth and expansion.

Who Should Do This?

Everyone! Who doesn’t want to have freedom to be who they truly are? Many of us are not truly open to changing and that's okay. However, if you want to change what isn't working a Transmosis experience can foster growth, Divine connection, and wellbeing.

If you are someone who has tried everything, wants to open more fully to your natural capacity, and wants to clear what isn’t serving you any longer, a Transmosis experience can support and assist your life journey. Etheric clearings bring more presence, relationship, coherence, and wholeness by transmuting wounds and disconnects that may be stuck in the past. The result is empowerment.

How Often Do I Need to Come for a Clearing?

People ask how often should I receive a Transmosis clearing experience? The short answer is it is up to you.

Our guides of 100% pure divine light work together in a co-creative experience. It is the Divine that does the clearing. Tracey is the vehicle sharing what she sees and hears from the Divine. Together we facilitate and align with what you need in the present moment.

Transmosis is very deep energy work. The time it takes to integrate the realignment with Source is unique for everyone. Depending upon the amount of clearing required for each individual to feel whole, empowered, and complete (is the journey ever complete?!) then we suggest going within and asking when and if a Transmosis experience is what is required for you in this moment.

Some people have chronic conditions and having more frequent clearings proves very beneficial. Other people like to schedule a Transmosis experience when life gets too stressful, things aren't changing the way you want them too, or you just know it's something that would support your growth right now. Ideally you choose a Transmosis clearing experience before life gets too much.

It's always a good time to receive a Transmosis clearing experience. We want to inspire and empower you to go within and ask when to receive a clearing. The loving energy that comes through from your guides will let you know. If you are feeling like you want to schedule a Transmosis clearing experience and considering that makes you feel lighter, then please do it. Consciously choosing to receive is a gift in and of itself.

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