Kind Words from Clients

Doris Carrasco

Words cannot explain what occurred during my session.  My expansion of consciousness has been magnified.  I Am truly a divine being who has expanded way beyond normal.  The clearing of my ancestors was a profound experience.  Attachments and entrapments were removed and those energies were released into purity.  I now become self actualized to create life like I want and to accomplish anything I desire.  The Violet Flame was an integral instrument in clearing the ancestry.  The White Light is a definite aid for my expansion into the 16th dimension.  I will use this power to propel you who read this to the divinity you desire. Thank you Tracey for allowing and facilitating this experience and expansion.

Antoinette Villamil

Thank you for sending the audio and for your insight, presence, and ability to hold so much for so many. I am seeing how this is integrating and it's fascinating. I can tell I am clearing so much right now - lots of dreams, tears, and feeling unmoored. But in between, a feeling of steadiness, intention, and release. We will see each other again!

Frances Kean

My gratitude is boundless, Tracey. Thank you so much for the beautiful session. I have much to integrate. I felt so light and clear. During the session I had such a sense of profound beauty and peace arise as though I was being showered with rainbows coming from your presence and voice.  I listen to the recording and it draws me back to that place. Your deep Transmosis work is amazing and transformative. I am still savoring and integrating the recent session, listening to the recording and absorbing the powerful energies of your words and melodic voice. I'm not sure I have ever experienced anything like that. What a blessing you are! You have a gift.

Adrienne Rae Thayer

Thank you Tracey. I think it has taken me some time to truly resonate with the gift you have given me. That transmosis session was INCREDIBLE! I am still in shock by how powerful it was. It was all love and I know my soul was present with us. It has yet again given me another message through you and your wonderful gifts. Thank you for helping me to remember how wonderful my essence is and how much love I truly have inside of me and around me. I am love. And I am truly starting to really believe that after our session. Almost 2 weeks later I am still realizing how my blockages are going away and the parts of my shadow have been rising to come up to heal and finally go away. Being human is not easy, and I thank you for helping me on my healing journey. This was UNBELIEVABLE. Ground up, return to neutral! You are the BEST! Thanks and much love, Adrienne

Pattie Christianson

Tracey's guidance during the session helped the healing of the passings of both my children. When I came out of the session I felt a magnitude of peace and comfort. I felt new. Less burdened, less guilt, less torture that I had created towards myself. A calmness on my heart that I had not felt in many years. I listened to the recording again this morning and the same peace came over me as it did yesterday. I know that because of her helping me heal that I can always return to that state of peace for the rest of my earthly life. I want to give this gift of transmosis healing to all the people I love so that they may have this peace as well.

Carol Anderssen

Working with higher frequencies means having to clear on a regular basis for me. It is important to only work with those of the highest integrity. Tracey is an extremely gifted healer. The work she does is gentle and loving. I can open myself with full trust with the knowing it will be for my highest good. Recommending Tracey to my friends is to give them a gift of joy.

Terese Kitts

The first time I came and encouraged Bob to come was because we had been through immense transitions, including many losses. I wanted to clear away perhaps any debris we had gathered on the way to Santa Fe. The first time the result helped me visualize the Masters around me. As you verbalized what you saw, it helped me imagine it happening, which helped me begin to do that in my spiritual exercises. I love listening to the recording and all the love. You are a spiritual chiropractor aligning our lower bodies with Sugmad. I felt uplifted with love! The second time I experienced Soul Travel in my etheric body, it was a joyful experience. It was fun and exciting to watch and be. I was also reconnected with my little girl, who knows so many secrets, and I had shut her out. I missed seeing the Master's pictures, and no Masters showed up for this session, but that is probably because I can do that for myself now. (Deeper Connection to Source).

Lovett Bayne

My first session with Tracey was to seek help in overcoming residual anxiety from my chaotic, dysfunctional childhood. I left the session with overwhelming feelings of love and peace for myself and others. The session helped propel me out of the dark hole of anxiety and depression. Since the first session I have had others with Tracey, each focused on a different hurdle I wanted to conquer. The most profound session was showing me the path to finding my voice and giving me the strength or permission to speak up for myself. This has been life changing for me...and those closest to me. Years of therapy had gotten me to a point in my life where I could identify emotions that were not serving me and the tools to deal with those emotions. However, I never found strength in therapy or identified my own personal power that is already within me. I feel like my sessions with Tracey peeled away the layers that a traumatic childhood can paint on your soul. She uncovered my essence and let me see that I am loved, seen, and heard. And that I already possess power that I can draw upon when needed.

Louise SaintOnge

I was in a very challenging period in my life and tried to slog my way through it myself, with tools and resources from my own 'medicine bag', if you will. I typically shy away from receiving support from others and especially having energy work done - so many people don't know what they're doing with energy, and I am cautious to let anyone into my 'field'. I began to see I wasn't very successful at moving through this and on a particularly difficult day when I was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, I knew I needed help. I needed someone I trusted to really listen, someone who I knew was solid, grounded, sensitive, and able to see a bigger picture. I knew I could reach out to you to let you know what was going on and find solace and understanding. You listened and even more you were right there to embrace me in wholeness, offer the guidance you were receiving specific to my situation, and used your healing gifts to gently move me through the panic into a place of calm and safety. And so quickly! I think it was a very brief 30 minutes or less!!! Such a blessing!

Marijon Johnson

My session was for clearing blockages, old trauma, that was keeping me from embodying my divine feminine. Trust and my inability to receive were issues I was dealing with. My sessions were very empowering. The Divine Mother’s energy was present in my sessions. Tracey is not only very gifted Spiritually but also has many techniques for helping to heal and awaken us. I trust her wisdom in healing and transformation. I highly recommend Tracey to anyone who is ready for change and needs help. I am grateful for my time with Tracey.

Debbie Jacobs

I have known Tracey Whittet 54 years. She is very in tune with the spiritual world. I received a message through my deceased brother-in law through Tracey. If not through her help, I would never have received it. Recently I went through a 3-week hellish stay. Tracey set me on a better nutritional diet regarding my particular situation. She is the most spiritual person I have met. Please use her for all your spiritual needs. She is an enigma and naturally talented and attuned to anything spiritual. Use her, she is so worth it. Signed by one of her oldest and dearest friends. -Debbie Jacobs

Catherine Herrmann

One of the most amazing and talented energy workers that I have met during my lifetime. Tracey Whittet combines utter compassion with an “inner knowing” which allows the individual to release deep seeded non-beneficial patterns with ease and grace. Her compassion is unparalleled, allowing you (as the client) to always feel at peace and incredibly safe in her presence. Her encompassing compassion, which flows from her like a river, allows you to release anything from the smallest, most superficial, unwanted life pattern to the deepest, darkest of traumas. In addition, her “inner knowing” is so vast that you will be awestruck of how quickly she can ascertain what is in your highest and greatest good. The vast empire of Masters, Guides, and Angels that assist her with her work are some of the most powerful that I have ever beheld, and I personally have grown immensely on all levels from her powerful sessions.

KA’ryna SH’ha

What can be said about a being who surpasses the title she embodies so exquisitely?….”A Divine Gift”. I only let the most adept, sensitive, and wise work on my body and being and I have had the privilege of meeting one of the best! I have laid on a table and had her harmonizing hands stitch together the fragmented feelings of loss in my heart into openings into Ascended Love and Presence. She does what few can only dream of being; she opens gateways of rarefied consciousness…because it is so simple and comes through a space of Divine Light! Her sense of humor and joy for giving is delight-filled and heart-felt. Tracey Whittet understands the delicate essence of our natural birthright to be whole and wholly aligned. If you want to know the gifts you carry and how to access them, if you want to be aligned with your heart-mind-soul essence, if you need support in your growth, if you need extra care and healing for your tired and overwhelmed body… Then book some quality time with this Master of Miracles…she delivers beyond what many claim to be. She IS the real deal and I say this because I have experienced it to be so.

Sharyn Abbott, Author and Speaker

Tracey was able to do a spiritual healing for me, which was extraordinary. The first thing I experienced was the removal of the pain from my lungs I had for a couple of months. Once that was gone, I felt my heart literally relax from the tension I had been feeling and was able to breathe easily. Tracey’s work is like none other I have ever experienced. She is remarkable.

Michael John Hall

I had the gift and honor of a session with Tracey recently. I have been “around the block” for thirty years with many of the best healers on earth. The session with Tracey was among the best I have ever experienced. Healing, honoring and deeply affirming at the soul level. Profound. Peaceful. Tracey held a safe space for a journey into the core of life and stayed present through each moment. My energy session with you was utterly profound, and experience in which every part of me connected with every part of the universe. Angels and spiritual guides were all around. The experience was sacred, deep, and not only healing but brought a sense of ease and joy to my life.

Patricia Romero

Thank you for your amazing gift of Transmosis. It has made a glorious transformation in me and my family.

Bizzie Dow

I DEEPLY value you, your gifts, and your time! Thank you again for the deep healing last night. Big big hugs to you.

Leanne DeVane

I recommend Tracey Whittet and her work with transformational healing called Transmosis. Deeply intuitive, compassionate, and a wise healer.

Jean Lindahl

Thanks for your time and participation as a beautiful instrument of the Universal Life Force, or ECK. I felt like you gave me extra time as it was really unhurried and gentle. The session was informative as well as restorative for me. Thanks for being a beautiful divine channel.

Raven Callaway-Kidd

This session helped me understand myself and the root of many of my emotions better. It also opened my perspective and provided clarity in a way not many other things could.

Therese Gardner

I noticed months after a clearing how I am now being supported by women in my life instead of women being competitive!! I believe this was due to my clearing with Tracey. I look forward to this manifesting within my family as well! Tracey has a unique and transformational way of releasing energetic cords that many of us can have that are passed down by our ancestors.

Stephanie Fauber

Can not tell you how much better I feel - starting to feel like a new person.  I am so grateful to you!! The session has truly been life changing!!! Love, Steph

Birgit Chasin

I wanted to thank you again for the incredibly extraordinary session/experience with you.  I am still absorbing and/or shedding energy, at least that is how it feels.  I feel more whole and as you called it embodied and that is such a wonderful feeling.

Lise Knouse

The Transmosis healing session was remarkable. I felt the energy for hours afterward. The session felt safe and loving and most of all transformative. It was very special. Many thanks for your wonderful work.

Susan Blackwell

I feel as if I received a full "reboot" that calmed & "reset" my nervous system, opened my heart, and restored my trust in myself and the universe.

Nancy Wilson

Yesterday's session was phenomenal!! I’m glad and thankful for every spiritual being/angels that came to help you and Me. I felt very tired wanted to take a nap and just integrate. Over all I do feel much much better and I thank you so so much!

Mary Lynn Neiman

To clear blocks to my wholeness was the reason for a session with Tracey. Tracey cleared a variety of emotional, mental, and causal interference to my living from my heart.

Pat Quintana

I came to work on my knees, auto immune disease, sinus', anxiety - can't sleep once every couple of weeks, and stress about renters. I had So much energy for about 3 days after I saw you!! It felt really good! Thank you So much! You are amazing!!

Bob Gott

The reason I came to you was to experience something new. I felt better. I learned a lot more about myself.

Nancy Gott

I was basically curious to learn about the work that you do. I also feel that energy work can always be of benefit. The results were profound for me. I had a greater understanding of my spiritual progress and felt less anxious about why I didn't seem to have achieved the "outer" trappings (initiations) that I felt ready for. I have been able to relax into my inner progress.

Rebecca Rodriquez

I was seeking clarity. You’re such a gifted healer. My body validated so much of our session. I look forward to another session for myself and Alex.

Donna Salemink

Tracey Whittet is a gifted energy facilitator. She is a joy to work with as she is constantly following what's light, generating change, and expanding consciousness.


Tracey's ability to tune in and clear the human body system is uncanny and is carried out with the highest integrity, humility, and love. She is a gift to all who can receive her work. From my experience with Tracey, it seems she is a natural at facilitating healing with Access Bars and many other energetic modalities. Her caring, attentive response to your needs is truly a gift she loves giving!

Lori Montes

Tracey, It was such an amazing session with you. I understand why Bernadette and Vernell speak so highly of you. I look forward to seeing you again.

Betty Ann Tafoya

I always enjoy our sessions I feel like a re-energized person. I love the way I feel. Enjoy being around you. Thank You so much.

Richard Berry

I have been a client of Tracey Whittet for several years now. In my opinion Tracey is a wonderful healer… she has studied many different modalities and is a very caring, loving, and knowledgeable practitioner.

Linda Hughey

I have experienced several delightful clearing sessions with Tracey. Be prepared to go into the inner with compassion, clarity, and often times humor. Tracey brings diverse modalities to her healing style with a powerful impact on your life! Thank You! I Love You Tracey!!

Jade Rivera

I can’t say enough about Tracey’s vast knowledge, intuition, and compassion. She is an authentic healer who teaches others how to become whole.

Pepper J. Frey

Thank you for the work that you do. It really gets to the core of everything. So nice for me. I loved it. I feel more in touch with the inner “me” today.