What is Wholistic Kinesiology®?

Wholistic Kinesiology is the art and science of neuromuscular evaluation for optimizing health. Or simply put, it is a remarkable tool that allows you to speak to the body. If we want to get more complicated, it is a neurological test for evaluating the body’s electromagnetic potentials.

When we do Kinesiology, we are working with the nervous system, which is an electrical system and has positive and negative flows. It creates an electromagnetic field around it (very measurable) and it can be shorted out just like our electrical systems in our homes. The Chinese systems of flow are called meridians. The eastern medical practitioners have paved the way for us by literally mapping out electrical highways in the body. If electrical energy is not flowing properly to an organ or muscle or joint, we can detect this imbalance through testing the nervous system. This system of diagnosis may sound simplistic, but it is very profound and valuable. We can literally ask the body how things are going internally. We can detect imbalances before they become symptomatic.

The Basic Tenants in Wholistic Kinesiology are:

  1. The body has an amazing ability to be well if it’s given the right tools. The power that made the body can heal the body.
  2. The body can tell you through muscle testing where imbalances are.
  3. The body runs on food, (carbohydrates, proteins, fats), vitamins and minerals and if it gets the proper amounts of these and the proper kinds of these, it will run smoothly and you will be healthy. If you ignore any of these elements, it will begin to malfunction and disease processes begin.
  4. Lack of nutrients can come from a variety of sources: in our diets, improper supplementation, excess stress (emotional, physical, and chemical), active disease processes, (parasites, yeast or fungal infections, viruses) and hereditary factors.
  5. The body can tell you what it needs through muscle testing and how much it needs in a very accurate way.

The above is accredited to Dr J Dunn, Creator of Wholistic Kinesiology.

What happens in a Wholistic Kinesiology session?

You will lie on your back, fully clothed on a bodywork table. We will assess your body’s readiness to provide consistent, accurate muscle test responses via your deltoid (shoulder) muscle. Next, we will muscle test specific body points that help us gather information about the health of your organs. It is like a reflex response and your body’s wisdom, innate intelligence, will inform us what it needs. We will assess your body’s reactions to toxins and ask your body what priority it wants to work on. Your body will show us what nutritional supplements it needs to rebalance itself easily and naturally. It’s amazing!

The specific sequences and protocols utilized will show us what high quality supplements will return your body to balance. Methylation is a process that assists your body to overcome genetic glitches that may be compromising your body’s efficiency. If the body can assimilate and eliminate properly, health is restored. We will double-check what individualized supplemental program your body needs, how much to take and when, and for how long. It will provide you with an easy, simple nutritional program to choose to apply or not. But why not?! The products and supplements are top quality nutrients to support and give your body exactly what it needs.

This non-invasive method is used to discern what your body’s individual requirements are at this time. Please bring your own supplements and products that you are currently taking and we will ask your body if it still needs it. What if you don’t need everything you are currently taking? What if you could save some money on supplements that are not providing you with what you absolutely require at this time?! Remember, if you give the body what it needs, it can heal itself.

If you are curious to see what supplements may support your body so that balance is restored, please book a session. Together we will ask your body via muscle testing what may be imbalanced and in requirement of support. Energetic supports like meridian balancing, muscle/nerve optimization, EFT, shock release, if determined to be helpful, will be administered at no additional fee.

Please allow an hour and a half  for our time together. We’ll review your intake form and begin the non-invasive muscle testing of specific points and discern the priority your body wants to work on. Your body will show us exactly what it needs. Optimized health purifies body, mind, and spirit.