Renounce All Negative Energy It Serves To Carve Away The Dross Allowing Radiance To Reveal Truth

Free Spirit

Free Spirit Yield To The Flow Engulfed With What Is Divine Direction   I Know Nothing This Is Good A Place Of Discovery Innocence   Releasing The Past Is Easy To Do Old and Complete Divine Intervention Brings A New   Real Alignment Pick And Choose True To Self Harmonious View   Resolve The Past It Serves You Not Become … Read More

Surrender Love Prevails

Realize Your True Potential Lies Within ~ Surrender As You Serve Others More Is Given To You Be Clear and Know You Are Loved Be a Vehicle to Serve Others ~ Love Prevails © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2019 All Rights Reserved

Show Up!

Bring Forth The Truth of Who You Are For It Serves No One If Sequestered You Are Safe To Be Free in Sovereignty and Dignity Clarify The Air With Your Love Expressed © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2019 All Rights Reserved

How May I Serve You Today?

“How May I Serve You Today?” Who’s Asking? “It is Your Higher Self” How Honored Am I to hear this request. I’ve never been asked this before. I must contemplate this loving gesture. “It is always here for you and now that you know the truth, you can request anything and receive it.” Oh my I AM so grateful, honored, … Read More

Life Awaits You

Life Awaits You Daughter of Compassion The Reeds Part As You Walk Unknown Truths Made Manifest and Real Succumb To The Light Never To Lie Again Once Seen and Heard The Opposite Has Served Its Purpose Be The One You’ve Longed To Meet Inside Are All The Answers Life Awaits You Be Heaven On Earth © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 … Read More

Jade Becomes The Whole

Jade Becomes The Whole Watchful Eyes Keep Track Of The Absolute Truth Longing to Serve © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

We Are With You

We Are With You Always Pay Attention And We Shall Share Stories For You to Tell the Others © Tracey Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

What it Takes: Following Divine Guidance

“It is safe to be here.” We love and support you. Your presence facilitates impactful, positive change for Souls ready for the next step. That it is all right here and all you have to do is Ask, Trust, Acknowledge and Accept your capabilities to bring forth a brand new way. The Magi Way ignites individual connection to their divinity … Read More