Connecting to Love

  Connecting to the Divine Is What It’s All About The Design of the Human Race Is To Love.  


Create The Way You Know How Follow Inspiration Divinity                                                                                                

Angel of Healing

The Healing You Seek Is Inside Your Being Finding a Match, A Resonance Releases The Block   Withdrawing From The World Deepening Presence Allowing Newness To Come Forth Liberation   Dream The New World Mystics, Sages, New Humans Divinity Expressed Utopia Evolved   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved


We Are With You Always Despite Appearances As We Progress Through The Maze Time Stands Still   The Appearances You Seek Come Forth in Due Time Despite Appearances It is Happening Now   Beyond This Reality Is Another World Filled With Love & Kindness It Has No Form   Waves of Emotion & Love Exist In This Reality Polar Opposites … Read More

Melting Synchronicity

Melting Of Synchronicities Merging In Light Manifest Greatness It Is Your Birthright   The World Blesses You Waves of Loving Kindness Open Arms Receiving Divinity Love Abounds; Connect To It   The Service Provided Is Fed Through Light Be The Sound Of Loving Embrace   Elevated Consciousness Cleared Distortions Maximized Potentials Enhanced Love   Removal of Barriers Concepts of Old … Read More

Visionary Voyages

Visionary Voyages Into New Territory Gathering Hearts to Unite Expressing Love   Living An Intuitive Life Embrace Everything Compassionate Release To Divinity   Nucleus Of Love Moving, Increasing Being In The Center Experience It   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved

The Gift of Soul – The Magi Within

Being a soul is a lovely thing when you recognize that you are a soul. And what is soul? Soul is sourced love in full expression allowing more love to flow through your being and outward to those in your presence. Your presence of divinity is your gift to yourself and to those in your life and on this lovely planet … Read More

What it Takes: Following Divine Guidance

“It is safe to be here.” We love and support you. Your presence facilitates impactful, positive change for Souls ready for the next step. That it is all right here and all you have to do is Ask, Trust, Acknowledge and Accept your capabilities to bring forth a brand new way. The Magi Way ignites individual connection to their divinity … Read More