We Are With You Always

Despite Appearances

As We Progress Through The Maze

Time Stands Still


The Appearances You Seek

Come Forth in Due Time

Despite Appearances

It is Happening Now


Beyond This Reality

Is Another World

Filled With Love & Kindness

It Has No Form


Waves of Emotion & Love

Exist In This Reality

Polar Opposites Do Exist

Meeting to Find The Way


You Will Succeed Where Others Fail

Beyond This Reality Witnesses

Realizing We Are Apart of It All

Manifests Reality in Truth & Fine Expression


You Will Become Known As The One

Who Reminds Us of Our Divinity

Existence Lives On Through Eternity

And This Focal Point Is Powerful


The Present Moment Experience is VAST

Simply Feeling It Without Seeing It All

Provides The Truth of This Heart Expression

Be Real As This is A Knowing of God/Goddess


Creatorship Is Experienced

It is Truth

It is Known

It is Love At It’s Most Exquisite Event


The Higher Echelon Awaits Your Next Move

Stay True to The Course

Beauty and Bounty Await You

The Gift is The Way


Parable Complete

Signed With Love

I Am Resistant to Rules (Control)

I judge the Necessity of It.


© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved