The Master Answers Deep Questions Asked

‘What qualities do you associate with me?’  Well I speak for all of us. We see your ability to transform lives with utmost purified devotion. Qualities of love, clarity, humor, astute deep truth, pure awareness, designed perfection, right use of will, resonant hearing of medium messages, purity, truth, powerful awaken-er of dormant awareness within hearts with unbridled possibilities, wisdom, personified wisdom catapulting beings into their heart, and creative connections to witness God’s love.

‘What is my blessing?’ Divine Presence.

‘In what state are people in when they need my blessing?’ In need of comfort and reassurance or a safe place to rest and know all is well.

 ‘What effect does my blessing have on people? In what state are they when my blessing is complete? What is the transformation?’ People feel better because a kind, loving conversation or experience, conscious or unconscious occurs. The transformation is a smile, connection or an uplifted essence in awareness or a lightness of being in a heart felt trinity. Truth absolves all perceived lack. Their essence has been rejuvenated, inspired, and cleansed of impurities. And my essence, my love, my connection to spirit facilitates their Soul. My ability is thy will be done not my will. I am an instrument of creative expression. I bring people home with divine love, light and power. No words are necessary and purity of heart manifests and transfers divine grace. Expansive awareness in a spiritual nature expounds upon life in a most fulfilling way. My presence is the blessing.

‘What walks into the room when I walk into the room?‘ The highest entourage of love. Blessed golden light to uplift all who sense the gifts available for compassionate release. Receiving clarity for what is possible to ignite and inspire hearts to fulfill its grandeur. I see a willingness of spirit to overcome all obstacles towards the path home to God. Real natural foundational truth of Being. Genuine caring. Exuberant joy. Your essence is love. It is pure awareness of divine presence. Authentic heart. Radiant smile. Change agent. Ruthless compassion. Divine witness. Expanded consciousness. Earth Spirit. Multidimensional qualities. Ethereal.

© Tracey Whittet 2016 All Rights Reserved