Realms Unseen

I Would Really Like To Go Into The Realms Unseen To Discover The Essence Of The Beginning To Untangle The Mystery

What Is Your Over Riding Personal Story?

I have been an imposter my entire life. I have pretended to be happy when I wasn’t. I’ve exerted energy when I haven’t had it and felt less about myself when I couldn’t sustain it. My conditioned response has been one of complication. I have been unclear how to respond to life. The outside world has shown me how others … Read More

New Life

The Way To Your New Life Is Through You Allowing Energy To Carve New Pathways Discovery                                                                                         … Read More

Free Spirit

Free Spirit Yield To The Flow Engulfed With What Is Divine Direction   I Know Nothing This Is Good A Place Of Discovery Innocence   Releasing The Past Is Easy To Do Old and Complete Divine Intervention Brings A New   Real Alignment Pick And Choose True To Self Harmonious View   Resolve The Past It Serves You Not Become … Read More