And so the people of the earth come together as One. The children of the earth enjoy creating life on Mother Earth in the faint mist of the past, no longer in thought’s length. The lessons have been learned and the babies line up to begin creating Paradise on the land.

It begins with the breath. The loving breath. As we bring in the goodness with our loving breath, thoughts of prosperity, growth, warmth and comfort begin to create a bounty of more and more life.

The Creative Self has been here forever. Quietly, silently observing a world’s design. The forces of nature, called love, have spoken anew. The thoughts of love manifest in blooms, fire, and laughter. We rejoice in this new beginning ~ a return to Self. A Self who trusts, asks, accepts and acknowledges all that is given in the precious NOW-time moment.

We begin with the end ~ Peace. Peace is a Being who is constant, persistent and complete. The hum of Peace is silence. If you listen closely you will hear peace in your heart, your breath, your thoughts and your ears.

Peace smells white, clear, crisp and it envelopes all-that-is. Peace is an offering from the heart of matter. To connect to it is easy. Just breathe in and out ‘Peace’. You can sense its purity, divinity and all encompassing, permeating, loving warmth. It is here for you upon your focus. Be Peace. The heart’s of all-that-is longs for Peace. It is sweet, fragrant and still. Om.

Trust – A feeling of Trust is safety. Our Source is where Trust begins. Purity of the heart of the earth, the person, the animal is contagious. If a Being emits Trust, then all around it vibrates a Trust.

While in the space of Trust ~ one can feel when Trust isn’t. We begin to trust Trust itself. Trust is beautiful and is the color of golden yellow. It smells of lilacs and is a smooth, light energy. It renews our life force and provides nourishment of the Soul – of who we are in the One Spirit.

We emit Trust when we Trust ourselves. There is Trust within each of us – our play is to return to Trust. Practice Trust every moment. Trust you to trust what is.

Patience – This is a gift to our Self. To be patient is to show wisdom. No need to force anything. You are the inventor, inventress of your space and all it contains. If you are not pleased with your space, return to Trust and see with patience how it will change and comply with what it is you do want in your space of all-that-is.

Trust it will come. Patience is the energy that allows your space of all-that-is to re-energize and become your creation. With Patience comes clarity. Clarity is the peace of movement towards your creation.

We design and create when our heart is open and trusting. An open heart receives the wondrous energy of creation. Breathe with Love. Love for your Self and for Oneness.

Love – Love is all-that-is. Love makes more love. We are created out of Love. Love has many facets. We all see Love from our own facet. We are affected by the rays of Love coming from each facet of Love.

Love begins a new with each continuous in and out breath. Spirit breathes us in and out. We are the in breath of Spirit upon our exhale. We breathe in Spirit’s exhale on our inhale. We are one living entity of Love.

Our facets create more Love. We expand with every breath we take. Infinity is always moving in concert with the One. Oneness is the sound resonance of all sounds together at once. We see a violet haze in the One sound. Aum.

Heart – Heart is pink and sweet. Heart is the sound of ‘Aaaaaahhhhh’. We breathe in lightness in Heart. Heart expands the breath of One. Heart becomes the mind of man’s desires. Without Heart man could not create the images seen in the mind and bring these creations into the lightness of our NOW moment. Heart is the growth, the nourishment of our all-that-is.

We begin in Heart, a portal of creation; we exit in Heart, a portal to our next creation. We believe in the Heart of man, we believe in the purity of Love to bring Heart’s desires into the NOW Moment of all-that-is. The Heart is the Way and the Result.

Become it. It is your life in concert with your Heart. Every moment is a canvas to create more of what you wish to Become.

We all want to return to our Source of Home and Paradise. We become our Source as we Love with Patience, Trust of Heart, and Become who we really are in each breath.

Focus on Oneness and you return to the Source of Oneness. We are all Souls of One Spirit. We are One. We Love as One. We breathe as One. We create as One. Become the One you desire. Trust you are the One.

Patience allows you to see the One. Love is the One. Peace is connecting to the One. Your Heart is the Portal to Oneness. Become One. We already are One. Choose to Become.

Create a Oneness garden. A garden of Oneness contains the energy of all-that-is. Begin with the earth. Rich luminous earth. Add pure water, stones, wind. Light is essential. Add trees, plants, flowers of all colors. Add Love, Trust, Patience.

Your Heart will guide you. The Peace you feel and Become in the Garden of One will expand and connect with all Gardens of One and all Souls will rejoice in One Spirit. We Become One by focusing on One.

In the Garden a Soul remembers its origins. A Soul reconnects through the Heart to Spirit. The Love present enfolds more Peace, more Heart, more Trust, more Patience to Become the One that is breathing you every moment. One. Ahh, yes!

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved