Light Language

In Our Story in the Third Person…

We Transfer Us Through Our Life Experiences.

We Are in Our Own Limits as We Become the Much More Unlimited Expression.

We Find it Hard to See How Life Presence Leads Us in Our Life, Our Souls, In the Sea, Into our Heart.

We Are Here on Earth as We are Supposed to Be, Really. Else Light in Our Life.

Late Questions That We Receive.

Are You and Your Life Changing in Ways Beyond the Zero Point?

Return Home to Be the Heartland.

Greatness Showers You with the Energy.

Translate in the Flow.

Create a Blissful Awareness and Nothingness.

We Need to See You.

We Need to Hear From You.

I Need to Know You.

We Need to Love You.

Be the Magi.

The Worlds Need You.

Allow the Clarity of Your Soul, Your Love, and Your Light to Be Grand.

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved