Grief Boundless Abyss Washing Away The Anchor Of Melancholy Heavy Debris Unlodged Into The Flow


We Believe In Miracles The Divine Has In Play Follow The Heart Strings Into Beyond

The Way Home

The Way Home Is Through The Heart Beside Looking Within You Look Without The External World Has Clues To Bring You About


  The World Is Changing And So Are You Allow The Mystery To Unfold You


  It Is Time To Begin Anew Creating From Scratch Aligned With Divine Love

Flashes Of Light

  Momentary Flashes Of Light Mean We Are Present To Assist Us On Our Journey Paying Attention To The Signs

The Trusted Flow

Realize And Witness Your Gifts The Revolving Door Is A Test Of Time People Come And People Go Allow And Receive The Trusted Flow

Love Of All

The Love Of All-That-Is Surrounds You The Right Place And The Right Time Show Up Realize The Journey Is The Journey Peace  


The Still Pool Of Desire Springs Forth Divine’s Plan Allowing Grace To Emphasize Expansion


Beneath The Covers Of Life Is A Beautiful Flower Ready To Blossom In Its Glory Innocence


Opening To New Avenues Clearing The Way For A New Beginning We Are Holding Space For You Realizing The Truth Of Who You Are

Sparks of Love

The Sparks Of Love Fly Through You Allow The Embers To Burrow Deep Within Dislodging Old Forgotten Energies To Begin Anew – Fresh and Clean and Clear


Unwinding Dissolving Within Wasting Deteriorate The Old

A Lightness Of Being

A Lightness of Being Is Coming Forward Remember It Is A Dream Changes Come and Changes Go Into The Great Unknown


Ask. Trust. Acknowledge. Accept. Being At The Center Of Awareness Creates Pivotal Acumen We Receive Energy As We Align Gracefully To What Is

Golden Ray

Spirit Walk Lead The Way You Will Know Golden Ray


It’s All Experience We’ve Got you Covered To Be And Witness Anything Divine Will


Dissolving The Past Into The Future Becoming Real Essence

All Is Well

All Is Well We Must Reside In Our Heart Space New Beginnings Arise Benevolent


You Have Withstood The Test of Time Many Memories Many Experiences Life As Soul Perspective

Channel From The Divine 1.18.22

A Gift To Humanity  A Soul Travel Journey With The Divine   When The World Comes Crashing In On You You Know What To Do – Call On Me Deep Within The Heart There Is A Light This Light Is The Full Expression Of Who You Are Channel From The Divine

Be Well

Be Well Be Happy Be You Divine


The Truth Is Being Shown To You Through Prose The Masters Of Great Flow Through You


Misfits Go Away Aligned With Truth You Cannot Go Wrong Be Aware Of The Imposters


Floating In A New Realm Guardians Of Light Assisting Never Before Witnessed Love Of This Magnitude

Your Tune

You Have A Tune To Carry Make Sure It Is Known For The World Needs You To Share Your Energies

Angle Of Awareness

The Stress Of Being Alive Is Reviewing The Angle Of Awareness All Experience Is Dualistic See Both Sides Into Wholeness

The Source

Know Who You Are And Be That Following The Thread Of Feelings Seeing Your Way To The Source


Motivating The Masses Is A Thing Release All Attachment To That What Makes Your Heart Sing? Share The Truth Of Your Experience

Peaceful Simplicity

What You Are Doing Here Matters No Need To Complicate Things Allowing The Truth To Flow Through You Creates Peaceful Simplicity


The Brilliance Of Your Mind Shines Through You Elucidating Thoughts Of Compassion Are Witnessed And Seen Results Matter And Then They Don’t Research The Truth Of You

Help Now

The Life We Live Is Our Own Might As Well Enjoy It Masterful Help Awaits

Light Wholeness

The Light Shines In You Let’s Allow Our Spirits To Guide Us Benefitting The World With Your Grace Revitalizing Wholeness

Consequential Light

Come Forward Into The Light Awakening The Consequences Of Being You You See There Are No Consequences Only Freedom

The Merge

The Merge Is Happening Convalescence Anew Blended Awareness Ignites The New Actions

Sand Painting

Life Is A Sand Painting Ebb And Flowing Creating And Returning Detachment

Unlocking The Gifts Of The Inner Self PodCast

Click link to Listen to “Ep: 37 – Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self with Tracey Whittet – Life by Design Not Default by 83/38 Collective ” by 8338 Collective—Unlocking-the-Gifts-of-the-Inner-Self-with-Tracey-Whittet—Life-by-Design-Not-Default-by-8338-Collective-e15id8c/a-a3qv2a6

360 Degrees

The Fan Of Forgiveness 360 Degrees Opens And Closes Greet The People With Open Arms

Relax Into Light

Relax The Body So Light Comes Through The Inner Rivers Light Stream Of Embodied Connection