Mindful Creativity

Whatever Holds You Back Is a Gift Divine Timing Always Prevails Mishaps Are Destiny Lessons Mindful Creativity

Peaceful Passages

Peaceful Passages Into The Depth Of Soul Creative Imagination Flow                                                                                                     … Read More


The Majority Votes Common Ground The Individual Unlocks Sovereignty                                                                                                       … Read More

Wings Uplift

The Students of Age Rebelling Agast Right Wing Left Wings Uplift To See                                                                                               … Read More

Set Back

The Apparent Set Back Is Not A Set Back At All Remember The Reason You Came Here Remember The Call                   Notice the Angel in the cloud (bottom left)?                                               … Read More


The Intricacies¬† Of Your Evolvement Are Difficult To Explain Let The Light In Put The Tools Away You Have Arrived Integrated Merge                                                                             … Read More

Rapid Change

Things Are Changing Rapidly Although It Seems To Be At A Standstill The Formless Awaits You To Speak The Masters Are With You                                                                           … Read More

Right Thing

The Right Thing Will Come Along Clearing The Way For New Things                                                                                                 … Read More


Sunflowers Salute Timing Near Fall Grand Gestures Diplomacy   ¬© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved  

The Red Dragon Wishes to Speak

Mighty One Be Well Serenity is an Art By Calming the System Balance Returns   Verbosity is Not Better Sharing is Unique The Joy of Listening Prepares the Way   Remember the Task At Hand Is To Love One Another Smiles Abound   Becoming the Way Is Easy When You Remember Nothing is Lost All is Here   Orators Pronounce … Read More