Monstrous Desires In Chaos The World Is Spinning Spinning Spinning Rest and Resolve Peace Ensues                                                                                           … Read More


The Effervescent Flow Continues To Ignite The Greatest Life Calling Now                                                                                                   … Read More


Connection is Vital Source is Waiting Being Shown The Way Eternally                                                                                                   … Read More


The Right Time Is Occurring For Those To Gather Together In Harmony Blessed                                                                                               … Read More


Multiple Challenges Ahead Of You Discerning The Truths Of Your Gifts Removal Of All Obstacles Is Easy Perspective                                                                                     … Read More


The Underworld Calls To You To Fix The Microscopic Determiners Relax Into The Ethers Allow The Helpers To Facilitate                                                                                   … Read More

Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart Contain Your Love As It Overflows And Breaks Open Flowing                                                                                                 … Read More

Witness Me

The Truth of Every Moment Is Important To You Allow The Distinguishness To Reveal Itself Innocence Of Creation Divines You Witness Me                                                                             … Read More


You Are Ready Begin Anew Rejoice In New Beginnings As You                                                                                                   … Read More


The Light Above Is The Same As The Light Below Mystifying The Ages                                                                                               … Read More

Gift of Life

What Do We Do With This Gift Of Life? Perish It? Cherish It? Become It.                                                                                           … Read More

Real Love

Rest Assured Real Love Exists Upliftment Prevails Unlimited Possibilities                                                                                                       … Read More

Nurturing Force

Its A Discovery Process You’ll Find It Careful Consideration Acknowledging The Truth                                                                                                 … Read More


The Abilities You Have Are Enhanced By Meditation There Is A Divine Order To Things In This Reality Manifesting Greatly Comes Easily To Those Who Follow The Path Home To Source                                                           … Read More


The Comfort You Seek Is Inside Go There Welcomely Globally Connected Get In The Groove                                                                                           … Read More

Shines Bright

The Truth Shines Bright Within You Allow Us To Work Through You To Manifest Heart’s Desires We Welcome You Into The Fold                                                                             … Read More


The Light Is Coming For You Be Ready For It Because The Work You Continue To Do Is For The Beloved                                                                               … Read More

Champions Of Light

We Are The Champions Of Light Being Love In Action Applying Wisdom Of The Ages To All That Is                                                                                   … Read More

Safety Net

As You Begin To Feel Your Way Outside Of The Safety Net You Will Discover Freedom                                                                                         … Read More


Adjustments Are Being Made In Your System Activate Health Become Your Best Self Purity                                                                                             … Read More

Greatness For You

The Sky Is Opening To Greatness For You Realize The Truth Of Who You Are I Am You You Are Me                                                                               … Read More

Loving Right Action

Results Matter When You Are In The Physical World Designing By Grace Magnifies The Whole Allow The Light To Flow Through You That Is The Loving Right Action                                                                 … Read More

Peaceful Passages

Peaceful Passages Into The Depth Of Soul Creative Imagination Flow                                                                                                     … Read More

Past Is Over

Tender Tales Abuses Asunder Sovereign Dignity Unplucked                                                                                                           … Read More

Not My Energy

Onslaught Of Energies Not Our Own Release Regret Sculptured A New                                                                                                   … Read More

Inner Connection

Energetic Embrace Marches Within Diplomacy Reigns Silent Reprieve                                                                                                         … Read More


Seeing Grander Quiet Reflection Excessive Giving Lunacy                                                                                                           … Read More


I Lost My Way My Body Gave Out Forced To Leave This World Renewed And Tender                                                                                         … Read More

Morning Dew

As The Forest Dissipates The Morning Dew Merging Into Oneness The Light Of Day                                                                                             … Read More

Artistic Talents

Artistic Talents Communion With The Divine Now Moments Absorbed In No Time                                                                                                 … Read More

Focused Presence

Focused Presence Divine Revealings Direction Unknown Trust                                                                                                           … Read More

Absolute Trust

Absolute Trust Real Cognition Firm Acknowledgment Time To Create                                                                                                       … Read More

Wisdom Walker

The Wisdom Walker Is Real She Is Inside Of You Marking Your Territory Of Where You Have Been                                                                                     … Read More

Truth Of Our Being

The Truth Of Our Being is Inside Acknowledging The Right Way To Go Exhibits Strong Connection And Conviction To Journeys Yet To Be Discovered                                                                         … Read More

Digestive Trouble

Digestive Trouble Stressed Out On The Insides Triggers Show Its Time To Release The Old Method Of Being                                                                                     … Read More


The Majority Votes Common Ground The Individual Unlocks Sovereignty                                                                                                       … Read More

Wings Uplift

The Students of Age Rebelling Agast Right Wing Left Wings Uplift To See                                                                                               … Read More

Set Back

The Apparent Set Back Is Not A Set Back At All Remember The Reason You Came Here Remember The Call                   Notice the Angel in the cloud (bottom left)?                                               … Read More


The Intricacies¬† Of Your Evolvement Are Difficult To Explain Let The Light In Put The Tools Away You Have Arrived Integrated Merge                                                                             … Read More

Rapid Change

Things Are Changing Rapidly Although It Seems To Be At A Standstill The Formless Awaits You To Speak The Masters Are With You                                                                           … Read More