Happy Solstice

I Lavish Myself with Love

The Outer and the Inner Must Meet

I Reconnect and Recommit to the Presence

Teaching Wisdom is Easy; Being Wisdom is Not


The Way Out is Through the Inner Path

I Envision a World of Peace

Surrender is Key; Then Trust Manifests

Witness the Grandeur of Your Own Unfoldment

I AM Here in the Large Black Hole Witnessing the Journey


The Way of the Wise One Comes To You

Be Well. Be the Well.

The Waters Run Deep

The Evolution is Near

Waters Uprise

Thoughts Drown in Overwhelm

Righteous Behavior Pronounces Itself

In Ways Unseen Ever Before


Witness the Grandeur of You Unfolding

Unearthing the Power of Inner Light

Shine Brightly Dear One

Show Them The Way

The Inner Magi Leads You

Towards Fertile Love


As You Witness the Journey

Everlasting Love Emits its Ray

The Sound Prevails and Clears The Way

Peaceful Light is ALL

Be the Light and Sound of God

As Veils Part and The Way is Revealed.

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved