Designing a Life Specific For You

Designing a Life Specific For You Aligning With The Forces of Love Demanding Nothing Forgiving Everything Non-Attachment Glides You Through

Awakens Hearts

The Divine Wants You To Know How Magnificent You Truly Are No Doubts About The Quality of Love Realizing Love Awakens Hearts

Is Existence A Program?

  Programmed Existence Is Over The Spiritual Renaissance and Resurrection Takes Place In The Eternal Heart Of Our Being The Dionysian Age Of Opposites Has Ceased  

Beneath The Curves of Desire

  Nestled Beneath The Curves Of Desire Hidden Tendencies Awaken The Desire To Design A Life Worth Living Explodes Through The Vehicle’s Heart

Forthcoming Miracles of Delight

  Trusting The Moment In Full Depth Employed By The God Self Guided Endlessly To The Desires Of Man Forthcoming Miracles Of Delight

Serene Bliss Embodied Grace

There Is A Certain Tone That Takes You There To The Level Of Serene Bliss Eternally Floating Above Smooth Flow Embodied Grace

Sea of Love

  Imagine You Are In A Sea Of Love Everywhere You Look Is Love Visible Invisible Floating, Treading, Immersing

Designed Comfort

  We Are Here For A Reason Follow The Path Allowing The Grace To Flow Through You Designed Comfort

Connecting to Love

  Connecting to the Divine Is What It’s All About The Design of the Human Race Is To Love.  

Tornados Of Delight

Tornados Of Delight Expand Within You Allowing The Light To Clear The Debris


Rest In Our Arms Of Light Embracing The Bold And Few Delight In The Mystery Reconnection

New Beginnings

New Beginnings Ever Changing Experience Tells Surrendering With Love


Renounce All Negative Energy It Serves To Carve Away The Dross Allowing Radiance To Reveal Truth

Beauty Within

Everything Is Impermanent Except Love Love Is The Force That Lasts Forever Designed To Carve Out The Beauty Within


The Divine Feminine Awaits Flowing Through The Ethers Gracefully Anointing Loving

The Divine

I AM The Divine You Need Not Suffer Surrender At Will Love Is Here

Beat Down To Connect

Hammering A Nail Head Of Nail Adjacent To The Bare Beige Wood Connected Within

World Shift

The World Is Shifting By A Force Unknown and Unseen Death is Releasing Unforeseen Events Unfathomed Tether Released

Sacred Union

When We Are With You In Your Field Opening Gateways Of Consciousness Flowing Currents Expressing The Divine Sacred Union


Grief Boundless Abyss Washing Away The Anchor Of Melancholy Heavy Debris Unlodged Into The Flow


We Believe In Miracles The Divine Has In Play Follow The Heart Strings Into Beyond

The Way Home

The Way Home Is Through The Heart Beside Looking Within You Look Without The External World Has Clues To Bring You About


  The World Is Changing And So Are You Allow The Mystery To Unfold You


  It Is Time To Begin Anew Creating From Scratch Aligned With Divine Love

Flashes Of Light

  Momentary Flashes Of Light Mean We Are Present To Assist Us On Our Journey Paying Attention To The Signs

The Trusted Flow

Realize And Witness Your Gifts The Revolving Door Is A Test Of Time People Come And People Go Allow And Receive The Trusted Flow

Love Of All

The Love Of All-That-Is Surrounds You The Right Place And The Right Time Show Up Realize The Journey Is The Journey Peace  


The Still Pool Of Desire Springs Forth Divine’s Plan Allowing Grace To Emphasize Expansion


Beneath The Covers Of Life Is A Beautiful Flower Ready To Blossom In Its Glory Innocence


Opening To New Avenues Clearing The Way For A New Beginning We Are Holding Space For You Realizing The Truth Of Who You Are

Sparks of Love

The Sparks Of Love Fly Through You Allow The Embers To Burrow Deep Within Dislodging Old Forgotten Energies To Begin Anew – Fresh and Clean and Clear


Unwinding Dissolving Within Wasting Deteriorate The Old

A Lightness Of Being

A Lightness of Being Is Coming Forward Remember It Is A Dream Changes Come and Changes Go Into The Great Unknown


Ask. Trust. Acknowledge. Accept. Being At The Center Of Awareness Creates Pivotal Acumen We Receive Energy As We Align Gracefully To What Is

Golden Ray

Spirit Walk Lead The Way You Will Know Golden Ray


It’s All Experience We’ve Got you Covered To Be And Witness Anything Divine Will


Dissolving The Past Into The Future Becoming Real Essence