Vision: To help heal and build a world of compassion and love.

Mission: To connect people to their true divine nature through direct inner experiences and energy healing.

The Magi were known as three wise men bearing gifts. Today the term Magi (pronounced ma·jai) is represented as a person who accesses, connects, and lives life using their own direct knowing or intuition. One who always trusts and follows their heart. We each have this ability. We like to call this the Inner Magi. To accept and acknowledge our own knowing empowers, gifts, and directs us to lead more fulfilling lives. Conscious energy healing empowers us to be the master of our life so we create what we want and rid ourselves of what we don’t want. ‘The Art of Being…You’ generates a creative life filled with wholeness.

The Magi Way Center is designed to offer individuals healing energy with the space to heal and return to their innate true Self. Spiritual healing and releasing unwanted energy frees us to feel better, lighter, and uplifted. Small group gatherings assist our clients to express what is going on in their life with supportive, compassionate, active listening. Being loved as we express where we are heals. We also offer energy healing and energy clearing sessions that are very beneficial and support our growth. When free and clear we are more empowered to be fully who we are with ease and grace.

The energy clearing work with Tracey Whittet is called Transmosis Healing. Spirit termed her work Transmosis, a word that symbolizes a process that uplifts and elevates our life. This multi-dimensional energy healing work clears you on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions.

Clearing and removing energetic wounds and disconnects (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) that don’t belong or are no longer required for growth, are dissolved by the guides of 100% pure divine light. Removing these interferences can facilitate wholeness and a sense of wellbeing. Healing and clearing imbalances, attachments, cords, and stuck patterns that are no longer helpful frees, aligns, and balances the entire system. Then we feel better, happier, lighter and uplifted into balance and love.

Releasing unwanted energy with problems such as stress, insomnia, unexplained aches and pains, anxiety, depression, and sadness may be alleviated with a Transmosis Healing session. To find out more about a session, please visit the Tracey page. It is easy to schedule a clearing by clicking here:  in-person or Zoom session. Please click here for the monthly Albuquerque, NM Fair sessions.

Testimonials from clients are available. Take a look at their experiences and see if any of these resonate with you.

Jim Hilderbrandt is an amazing healer, teacher and leader. Visit his page for more information. Jim facilitates and leads men’s groups.

The Blog page consists of short postings, quatrains, that spontaneously come. The quatrains inspire and serve those who read the transmissions. Sign up to follow to get notified when new postings are available. They are short!

See the Book page for more details about The Magi Within: Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self. It’s a fun and easy workbook designed with 26 empowerment tools, plus energized art (A – Z), to connect you with your intuition. Go to HowDoITrustMySelf.com for a FREE eBook of The Magi Within.

The Magi Way Center offers wholistic stress management workshops and programs to motivate and inspire optimal living. Creative Wellness, the Magi Way, is a fun and easy way to transform life by motivating individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. The individualized wholistic workshops, exercises, and inner experiences promote and inspire empowered living by managing and preventing stress. The Center provides state-of-the art equipment, experiential processes, and energetic healing clearings to promote healthy lifestyles for balance, relaxation and health.

To find out more about us and the work we facilitate, please go to the Jim or Tracey page for more information. We look forward to serving you.