The Magi Wellness Plan is a Wholistic Lifestyle Empowerment Program based on the successful Creative Wellness Program by Michelle Lusson, D.D. Based on your personality typing The Magi Wellness Plan provides a proven wholistic program to bring you into balance or homeostasis. Magi Wellness provides you with creative tools to improve your well being.

Everyone has an Inner Magi. It’s that part of you that knows exactly what to do for your highest good. You can TAP into your Inner Magi and know exactly what you require to bring peace, balance, and well being.

A simple non-invasive muscle test discerns if you are a Thyroid, Adrenal or Pancreas type. Then we test to see what God or Goddess personality type you are. Your Inner Magi knows specifically what you need to live a creative, vibrant life.

You will discover what:

  • nutritional foods and supplements are best for your personality typing
  • exercise supports you
  • colors to wear and what color NOT to wear
  • gemstones support you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • aromas support you, and
  • affirmation or easy two-word statement brings you back into balance

It’s easy and fun! How does it get any better than that?

The Magi Wellness Plan empowers individuals. Empowerment provides choice. With choice you receive more awareness. When you are aware you know what you want and what works for you. Empowering yourself is priceless.

Utilizing the The Magi Wellness Plan could quite possibly create a life where you feel great, look great, and smile a whole lot. Magi Wellness produces results that last. Life is awesome when you feel great!

The Magi Wellness Plan is a great way to love, support and empower yourself. Call to set-up a private session or enroll in the next class 505-795-1405. You will receive empowerment tools that work.