Terese Kitts


The first time I came and encouraged Bob to come was because we had been through immense transitions, including many losses. I wanted to clear away perhaps any debris we had gathered on the way to Santa Fe. The first time the result helped me visualize the Masters around me. As you verbalized what you saw, it helped me imagine it happening, which helped me begin to do that in my spiritual exercises. I love listening to the recording and all the love. You are a spiritual chiropractor aligning our lower bodies with Sugmad. I felt uplifted with love! The second time I experienced Soul Travel in my etheric body, it was a joyful experience. It was fun and exciting to watch and be. I was also reconnected with my little girl, who knows so many secrets, and I had shut her out. I missed seeing the Master’s pictures, and no Masters showed up for this session, but that is probably because I can do that for myself now. (Deeper Connection to Source).