Louise SaintOnge


I was in a very challenging period in my life and tried to slog my way through it myself, with tools and resources from my own ‘medicine bag’, if you will. I typically shy away from receiving support from others and especially having energy work done – so many people don’t know what they’re doing with energy, and I am cautious to let anyone into my ‘field’. I began to see I wasn’t very successful at moving through this and on a particularly difficult day when I was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety, I knew I needed help. I needed someone I trusted to really listen, someone who I knew was solid, grounded, sensitive, and able to see a bigger picture. I knew I could reach out to you to let you know what was going on and find solace and understanding. You listened and even more you were right there to embrace me in wholeness, offer the guidance you were receiving specific to my situation, and used your healing gifts to gently move me through the panic into a place of calm and safety. And so quickly! I think it was a very brief 30 minutes or less!!! Such a blessing!