KA’ryna SH’ha


What can be said about a being who surpasses the title she embodies so exquisitely?….”A Divine Gift”. I only let the most adept, sensitive, and wise work on my body and being and I have had the privilege of meeting one of the best! I have laid on a table and had her harmonizing hands stitch together the fragmented feelings of loss in my heart into openings into Ascended Love and Presence. She does what few can only dream of being; she opens gateways of rarefied consciousness…because it is so simple and comes through a space of Divine Light! Her sense of humor and joy for giving is delight-filled and heart-felt. Tracey Whittet understands the delicate essence of our natural birthright to be whole and wholly aligned. If you want to know the gifts you carry and how to access them, if you want to be aligned with your heart-mind-soul essence, if you need support in your growth, if you need extra care and healing for your tired and overwhelmed body… Then book some quality time with this Master of Miracles…she delivers beyond what many claim to be. She IS the real deal and I say this because I have experienced it to be so.