Catherine Herrmann


One of the most amazing and talented energy workers that I have met during my lifetime. Tracey Whittet combines utter compassion with an “inner knowing” which allows the individual to release deep seeded non-beneficial patterns with ease and grace. Her compassion is unparalleled, allowing you (as the client) to always feel at peace and incredibly safe in her presence. Her encompassing compassion, which flows from her like a river, allows you to release anything from the smallest, most superficial, unwanted life pattern to the deepest, darkest of traumas. In addition, her “inner knowing” is so vast that you will be awestruck of how quickly she can ascertain what is in your highest and greatest good. The vast empire of Masters, Guides, and Angels that assist her with her work are some of the most powerful that I have ever beheld, and I personally have grown immensely on all levels from her powerful sessions.