Adrienne Rae Thayer

Tracey Leigh Whittet

Thank you Tracey. I think it has taken me some time to truly resonate with the gift you have given me. That transmosis session was INCREDIBLE! I am still in shock by how powerful it was. It was all love and I know my soul was present with us. It has yet again given me another message through you and your wonderful gifts. Thank you for helping me to remember how wonderful my essence is and how much love I truly have inside of me and around me. I am love. And I am truly starting to really believe that after our session. Almost 2 weeks later I am still realizing how my blockages are going away and the parts of my shadow have been rising to come up to heal and finally go away. Being human is not easy, and I thank you for helping me on my healing journey. This was UNBELIEVABLE.
Ground up, return to neutral!
You are the BEST!
Thanks and much love,