Sacred Union

When We Are With You In Your Field Opening Gateways Of Consciousness Flowing Currents Expressing The Divine Sacred Union


We Are Here We Come To You With Peace and Contentment With Everything You Do Do It With Love

Set Back

The Apparent Set Back Is Not A Set Back At All Remember The Reason You Came Here Remember The Call                   Notice the Angel in the cloud (bottom left)?                                               … Read More


The Intricacies  Of Your Evolvement Are Difficult To Explain Let The Light In Put The Tools Away You Have Arrived Integrated Merge                                                                             … Read More

Rapid Change

Things Are Changing Rapidly Although It Seems To Be At A Standstill The Formless Awaits You To Speak The Masters Are With You                                                                           … Read More

Inner Magi

Soul Alignment Return To Basics Love Is The Way The Inner Magi                                                

Well Wishers

The Well Wishers Of This World Commend You It Takes Deep Dedication To Awaken The Truths Inside You You Are Not Alone                                              

Kite Tail

Rise Above The Kite Tail View The Happenings Below Mystical Rearrangements Are Occurring Divine Order                  


We Are With You Have No Fear What You Want Is Very Near