Beat Down To Connect

Hammering A Nail Head Of Nail Adjacent To The Bare Beige Wood Connected Within


Solitude And Silence Good For The Soul Reconnect To Wholeness In Concert With Reality

Blossoming Love

The Love You Feel Now Will Blossom When In Full Bloom You Have Become The Beloved Heart Of All Creation Witness The Feeling And Exuberant Joy   Its Easy When You Know How To Love All Effort Cease And Grace Ensues Realizing The Moment Is Here Capturing The Essence Emanating Radiance   The Tenderness Of This Heart Soothes Your Soul … Read More


We Wish To Share With You a Program That Ignites Hearts Into The 21st Century. Allow Grace To Take Its Course As The Intelligence Or Diplomacy That Comes From Heart-Centered Awareness Fulfills Destinies. ~Mother Mary The Wealth is in the Heart. As it communicates with the other organs Balance is created. Go within the Heart. Breathe in and out through the … Read More

The Light

The Light Above You Permeates The Light Within You The Soul of Light Grows Everything I AM Activating Wholeness © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved

Right Timing

The Right Timing Is In Place For Your Advancement. Accomplishments Are Just That. Rewarding Yes When Experienced And Released. Moving To The Next Experience Fully Present – Being Fluid. The Love and Light Waterfall – Eternal Flow. Designed Just For You. The Presence Is In You Can You Feel It? Allowing The Vortex of Love Spiral Through You Is Connection … Read More

Dessert of The Day

Dessert Of The Day Wholeness Becomes With A Slice of Soul And A Cup of Compassionate Consciousness © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved

Winter Solstice

The Possibilities Are Endless Realizing Wholeness Returns Parts And Pieces Into Radiance   We Are Messengers To Each Other Facilitating Change Emancipating Concern   Realizing The Value Of Traveling To Places Connecting With Each Other Materializing Anew   Fast Moving Energies Witnessing The Movement Reminds Us In Perspective We Are Loved   Immensity of Being Profound Thoughts Create New Beginnings … Read More

Welcoming the Day

You Are Sound Sound Is Light Expressing Itself May the Blessings Be   God Is At Hand Being You Thanking You for Being Willing   The Fountain of Love Manifests Through the Heart Overflowing Joy Being Witnessed   Joyful Thoughts Flow As One Becomes Aware of Presence Being   The Bodies Warn You When Imbalance Occurs Righting the Track Towards … Read More


Clarifying the Past Illuminating the Future Becoming Whole Returning to Self © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Reclaim the Truth

I Reclaim the Truth, the Parts, the Hatred Allowing All to Be and Witness the Grandeur The Magnificence of My Wholeness Evolving Wonders Fill the Cup of Seeing it All © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved