Be Well

Be Well Be Happy Be You Divine


The Truth Is Being Shown To You Through Prose The Masters Of Great Flow Through You


Misfits Go Away Aligned With Truth You Cannot Go Wrong Be Aware Of The Imposters


Floating In A New Realm Guardians Of Light Assisting Never Before Witnessed Love Of This Magnitude

Your Tune

You Have A Tune To Carry Make Sure It Is Known For The World Needs You To Share Your Energies

Angle Of Awareness

The Stress Of Being Alive Is Reviewing The Angle Of Awareness All Experience Is Dualistic See Both Sides Into Wholeness

The Source

Know Who You Are And Be That Following The Thread Of Feelings Seeing Your Way To The Source


Motivating The Masses Is A Thing Release All Attachment To That What Makes Your Heart Sing? Share The Truth Of Your Experience

Peaceful Simplicity

What You Are Doing Here Matters No Need To Complicate Things Allowing The Truth To Flow Through You Creates Peaceful Simplicity


The Brilliance Of Your Mind Shines Through You Elucidating Thoughts Of Compassion Are Witnessed And Seen Results Matter And Then They Don’t Research The Truth Of You

Help Now

The Life We Live Is Our Own Might As Well Enjoy It Masterful Help Awaits

Light Wholeness

The Light Shines In You Let’s Allow Our Spirits To Guide Us Benefitting The World With Our Grace Revitalizing Wholeness    

Consequential Light

Come Forward Into The Light Awakening The Consequences Of Being You You See There Are No Consequences Only Freedom

The Merge

The Merge Is Happening Convalescence Anew Blended Awareness Ignites The New Actions

Sand Painting

Life Is A Sand Painting Ebb And Flowing Creating And Returning Detachment

Unlocking The Gifts Of The Inner Self PodCast

Click link to Listen to “Ep: 37 – Unlocking the Gifts of the Inner Self with Tracey Whittet – Life by Design Not Default by 83/38 Collective ” by 8338 Collective—Unlocking-the-Gifts-of-the-Inner-Self-with-Tracey-Whittet—Life-by-Design-Not-Default-by-8338-Collective-e15id8c/a-a3qv2a6

360 Degrees

The Fan Of Forgiveness 360 Degrees Opens And Closes Greet The People With Open Arms

Relax Into Light

Relax The Body So Light Comes Through The Inner Rivers Light Stream Of Embodied Connection

Maze Of Centering

Adorned With Grace The Maze Of Centering Refined Balance Finds The Mark

Shamus-i Tabriz

Shamus-i Tabriz I’ve Been In The Background Always Guiding The Vibrations Through Words Ventriloquist Of Spirit

African Drums

African Drums Await You Sincere Communion With Nature The Heartbeat Of The Jungle Aliveness Bestowed

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality Is The Plan Of The Divine Human Relax The Strain And Just Connect Then All Will Flow

Evolving Unknown

Formulating Your Core Message Designed From Your Heart’s Journey Connects A Wider Net Of Hearts Into The Evolving Unknown Together

Fierce Power

Right The Wrongs In Your Heart Sit Pretty Hands On Lap And Wait To Respond Proper Alignment With Soul Is Required Fierce Power Of Freedom

True Perception?

Ask Your Perception If It Is True Witnessing The Grandeur Of Life Creates Kaleidoscopic Results Be The New Formations

Knife In Your Back

The Knife In Your Back Is Your Own Doing Forgive Everything Focus Forward Be The Service Source Generates


We Are Inviting You In To A Realm Of Possibilities Not Visited Before Create!


We Invite You To Be Still Allow Creation to Flow and Bubble Up From Within The Grass Grows Roots Unseen Bountiful Greenery Appears Exhibiting Formation

Visceral Void

Floating In The Visceral Void Wherever I Look, I Go Horizon Ahead Light   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

Angel of Healing

The Healing You Seek Is Inside Your Being Finding a Match, A Resonance Releases The Block   Withdrawing From The World Deepening Presence Allowing Newness To Come Forth Liberation   Dream The New World Mystics, Sages, New Humans Divinity Expressed Utopia Evolved   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

Causal Body

The Causal Body Is Calling Heal The Past, Heal The Past Acknowledge Those Life Experiences Meeting Them Resolves   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

The Gift of Soul – The Magi Within

Being a soul is a lovely thing when you recognize that you are a soul. And what is soul? Soul is sourced love in full expression allowing more love to flow through your being and outward to those in your presence. Your presence of divinity is your gift to yourself and to those in your life and on this lovely planet … Read More