As You Stretch Your Self to The Edge of Your Existence Life May Become or Seem Messy Don’t Fret; Don’t Worry Watch How You Learn and Grow With Loving Guidance From Source


Transcendence Enveloped In Love Sacred Geometry In The Field Support Abounds

The Door

Meet Your Self At The Door Now Go Through It The Opening Is Occurring The Movement Is Occurring


Love Will Show You How To Do This Work Only You Can Do There Are Moments In Time When It All Comes Together And This Is One Of Those Moments Allow Us To Proceed

Mindful Creativity

Whatever Holds You Back Is a Gift Divine Timing Always Prevails Mishaps Are Destiny Lessons Mindful Creativity


Move Past The Detours Fly High Into The Unknown Clarity Awaits When You Reach Your Destination Trust


We Are Helping You Remove The Energy of Foreboding There Is A Light Coming Through You That Is New As We Continue To Work With You More Is Revealed Conscious Creation Is A Gift

Invisible Light

The Truth is About To Be Revealed Beyond The Ordinary Appearances Below The Seeing Eye The Invisible Current Brings You Light

Cradled Existence

The Cradled Existence of Love Pronounces Good Fortune Remember Who You Are Playground of Pleasure

Joyful Gifts

Relate With The Unknown Discover Its Gifts Possibilities Abound Joyful Gifts


The Personalities Are Hard To Deal With Imprisoned Thoughts and Perceptions Empowered News Comes From Within Becoming Manifested Form – Gifted

Show Up Here

I Show Up Here To Learn and Teach Behind The Curtain of Truth Too Long Who Cares If We Deliver? Soul

Breaking Free

Breaking Free Unknown Territories Discovery of The Explorer New Beginning

Neutral Observer

Neutral Observer Channeled Thoughts Awareness of Truth Compassion

The Supplicant

You Are Not The Supplicant You Have It All Claim Your Divine Inheritance Show Up, Shine, Bestow


There Is Nothing To Do And Everything To Be Unleash The Energy Freeflow

Inspired Living

Allow Your Self To Be Carried Into Other Realms of DeLight Mystical Mysteries Abound Release The Need To Know and Understand Re-Live Your Self Re-Invent Your Self Re-Alize Your Self Re-Member Embodied Soul Walking The Earth Highest Ground To Occupy Pure Consciousness


The Sun Will Rise Again It Is Very Much Ok To Be Who You Are Bottom Lines and Surrender Unfold

Inner Magi

Masterful Energies Surround You The Heart of God Prevails As The Golden River Flows Completely Through and Around You The Pebbles Are Removed Increasing Potency The Masters Are With You New Beginnings Are Approaching The Precipice of Hope Reunites Hearts and Desires Made Manifest Inner Master Guide Me Open My Heart Wider To Receive Allowing Love To Enter Clears Debris … Read More

Throne Of Truth

Discern The Value Within Becoming Real in Alignment To It is a Journey Into Self When You Sit Upon The Throne of Truth Peace Reigns


The Mysteries of Life Are Upon You Share The Story With Deep Emotion The Mechanics of This Universe Are Simple Teaching Is Required For Your Advancement


You Are Blessed Avenues of Awakening Around The Corner Stay The Course And Become Your Higher Self Life Is Living Love And Light Filled Experiences

Prison Of Despair

Busting Myself Out Of A Prison Of Despair Kept Myself Locked In Tight Undying Devotion To The One Perched To Take Flight

Resting The Body

Resting The Body Serves The Soul Feels Like Being Is Doing Nothing Yet Alas Growth In Great Strides Occur Chillax

Day In Creativity

To Spend The Day In Creativity Soars And Uplifts The Spirit Aligning With Truth And Beauty Becomes The Way

Fireplaces And Porches

Fireplaces And Porches Create Gatherings Community Connections Unite Hearts The Will Of The Beast Softens In Presence With High Mind

Liberate Us

The Truth Shall Set You Free You Are Channeling The Divine The Words Heard On The Inner Realms Come Forth To Liberate Us

Unencumbered Aspects

Unencumbered Aspects Are Free To Flee What Really Matters Remains Conjugal Visits With Spirit Divines The Soul

Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces Abound In Nature Even Juniper Pollen Has It’s Gifts To Slow Down And Witness The State of The Body Aligns The Rhythm To Balance


As We Divide And Conquer Each Fear A Pristine Ability To See Comes Forth Really Knowing Who You Are Is Currency

Ordained Path

The Right Things Will Appear In Time You Will Master The Art of Flow The Will To Succeed Is Pointless As IT Has Already Ordained The Path

Veil of Deceit

The Truth of The Ages Is Upon Us Beneath The Veil of Deceit We Revitalize Our Hearts With Profound Love Forgiveness Reigns

Ask, Trust, Acknowledge, Accept

The Greatest Gift You Can Offer Is To Authentically Be You, Truly Be The Loving, Creative Spirit Called You  As You Shine Brightly Others Can See The Way Home In Truth, Wisdom and Beauty  Be Grace In Action


Released From The Cage Set Free To Be Now Flow

What Is The Best Way To Be?

[wpvideo Jxsh87MC] The Art of Being…YOU is undeniably the way to go. This world needs you to BE you and contribute as only you can do. © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved