Adjustments Are Being Made In Your System Activate Health Become Your Best Self Purity                                                                                             … Read More


The Path to Enlightenment Is Filled with Many Detours Some are Simple Some are Vast   The Consciousness You Seek is Inside Beware of The Betrayals to Self The Complications are Derived By Illusion and Deceit   Real Truth Awakens the Heart The Heart is Calling You to Be Detached, Clean, Purified Breathe   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All … Read More

Energy of the Future

The Energy of the Future Is the Human Body Being Fully Online Ignite the System © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2019 All Rights Reserved


You Are Being Re-Born Anew In Purified Innocence Become That What You Are With No Resistance © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved

Purified Existence

Purified Existence Follows My Thoughts Emoting The Past Frees Me Now Present Here All Ways © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved