We Believe In Miracles The Divine Has In Play Follow The Heart Strings Into Beyond

Realize The Truth of These Words

Violence Kills Peace Reigns Love Prevails Justice Served   No More Patriarchy Bring in The Mother Rejoice Spring Growth Ensues   No More Violence Equal Actions The Spirit of Love Permeates The Whole   Universes Entwined Separate Not Responsible Parties Smooth The System   Victory Awaits Newfound Truth Reveals The Present Unscathed   Righteous Misperception Grandstanding Media Dissolve The Story … Read More


As Life Goes On We Learn Along The Way To Be Ourselves And Learn to Play   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

Righteous Love

The Fairies Play The Earth Rocks The Air Moves The Waters Flow The Ether Is © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved


Alia She Knows All She Leads in Oneness, Wisdom and Love The Symphony Plays Strong Allowing Grace to Permeate Their Souls © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved