A Lightness Of Being

A Lightness of Being Is Coming Forward Remember It Is A Dream Changes Come and Changes Go Into The Great Unknown

Soothe Soul

We Witness Your Struggles Life Has a Way of Showing Up Withdrawing All Boundaries To Growth   Research the Wantings of Your Heart Strength Begets Strength Rounded Edges Soften Into the Glow   Even Though You Think Little of the Moment It is All There Is We Entice You With Truths That Soothe Soul   Withdrawing All Hope is Human … Read More

Designing Life

Designing Life Unfolds Through Existent Time and Space Revolving Around Prominent Thoughts and Wishes Hoping and Longing For All Change To Occur   Realize That Truth Is Here For You and Others As One Slows Down, Sits, Closes The Eyes And Opens To Inner Worlds Without Bounds   Do This To Free Soul’s Expression For It Is The Nature of … Read More