Joyful Gifts

Relate With The Unknown Discover Its Gifts Possibilities Abound Joyful Gifts

Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces Abound In Nature Even Juniper Pollen Has It’s Gifts To Slow Down And Witness The State of The Body Aligns The Rhythm To Balance


The Abilities You Have Are Enhanced By Meditation There Is A Divine Order To Things In This Reality Manifesting Greatly Comes Easily To Those Who Follow The Path Home To Source                                                           … Read More


Life Will Give You Choices And All Choices Are Gifts I Choose Love Good Choice   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 All Rights Reserved

Ho Lo Mo Ma

The Gifts You Offer to the World Are Not to Be Diminished Stay Close to The Heart Become Aware of the Magnitude of the Results All is Well   Acknowledge Yourself Dear One The Magnitude of This Energy is Paramount There is No More Holding Back You Must Allow It to Flow   The Right Expressions are Coming to You … Read More

Do Not Fret

We Are With You Always Remember This and Do Not Fret Life’s Gifts Await Do Not Fret   The New Beginning is Near It Will Be With Ease No Longer Consumed In Corporate Dilemmas Of Deep Regret   They Will Miss You When You Go Other Ventures Await As You Grow Keep True to Yourself Trees Blossom   © Tracey Leigh … Read More


Realize the Future Into Being Receive the Gifts Desired Manifestation is Easy Allow It © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2019 All Rights Reserved

Traverse The Universe

As I Traverse This Universe Blessings Are All Around As I Take Time To See I Begin, Again, To BE   The Way of the World Astounds Me Ravens Cry Out Love is  All Around   As I Charge Forth I Ascend Above To Worlds Less Traveled By the One’s Asleep   As the Words Come I Rest in Peace … Read More


Soul Encompasses Wholeness Allowance of Gifts Master © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved


Divine Presence is Here For You Witness the Gifts of All Allow the Presence to Infiltrate You As You Become The One © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Let’s BE

The Octaves of Love Are Guiding Forces in Your Life As you Open Up to the Elated Fullness of These Gifts Mere Existence is Profound And the Places We Go Are Grand, a New Kind of Deep Mastering This Inner Experience And Allowing it to BE We are One Let’s BE. The Concept of Love Awaits You. Shall we connect … Read More