The Divine Feminine Awaits Flowing Through The Ethers Gracefully Anointing Loving

Sacred Union

When We Are With You In Your Field Opening Gateways Of Consciousness Flowing Currents Expressing The Divine Sacred Union

Channel From The Divine 1.18.22

A Gift To Humanity  A Soul Travel Journey With The Divine   When The World Comes Crashing In On You You Know What To Do – Call On Me Deep Within The Heart There Is A Light This Light Is The Full Expression Of Who You Are Channel From The Divine

Sand Painting

Life Is A Sand Painting Ebb And Flowing Creating And Returning Detachment

Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart Contain Your Love As It Overflows And Breaks Open Flowing                                                                                                 … Read More

What If You’re IT?

Many People Are Counting On You Resolve The Differences Inside It Is Possible To Have It All Confidence Wins The Day   Activate Transmosis Light Up The Brain and Spine See The White Golden River Flowing In Expanded Peace   The Truth Will Be Revealed To You; When It’s Time As You Amount To Graceful Expectation A Clearing Will Be … Read More


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