Windfall Of Love

Masterful Methods Easy Fulfillment Follow Your Inner Guidance Experience The Windfall Of Love and Presence – Buoyancy                                                                                        … Read More

Light Codes

The Light Codes Are Within You Feel The Way Unencumbered Delight                                                                                    

Ho Lo Mo Ma

The Gifts You Offer to the World Are Not to Be Diminished Stay Close to The Heart Become Aware of the Magnitude of the Results All is Well   Acknowledge Yourself Dear One The Magnitude of This Energy is Paramount There is No More Holding Back You Must Allow It to Flow   The Right Expressions are Coming to You … Read More


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Souls Unite In Love For You

Souls Unite In Love For You Your Grace Allows Hearts Fluidity As Hearts Rise In Your Presence Diplomacy Of The Most High Is Experienced   Harmonious Love Awaits You Revelations Of The Heart Expand Those Who Hear The Music Witnessing Love in All Forms   Can You Feel The Love? It Expands Everything As We Become More Of Who We … Read More


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