Set Back

The Apparent Set Back Is Not A Set Back At All Remember The Reason You Came Here Remember The Call                   Notice the Angel in the cloud (bottom left)?                                               … Read More


The Intricacies¬† Of Your Evolvement Are Difficult To Explain Let The Light In Put The Tools Away You Have Arrived Integrated Merge                                                                             … Read More

Rapid Change

Things Are Changing Rapidly Although It Seems To Be At A Standstill The Formless Awaits You To Speak The Masters Are With You                                                                           … Read More


The Density Is Shifting And You Are Noticing It Everything Is Lining Up Betrayals Become Into Focus Create Sacred Creative Space                                                                               … Read More

Right Thing

The Right Thing Will Come Along Clearing The Way For New Things                                                                                                 … Read More