Simple Truths

Simple Truths Ignite Soul Comprehension Deepens Life Expands


Multiple Challenges Ahead Of You Discerning The Truths Of Your Gifts Removal Of All Obstacles Is Easy Perspective                                                                                     … Read More


The Abilities You Have Are Enhanced By Meditation There Is A Divine Order To Things In This Reality Manifesting Greatly Comes Easily To Those Who Follow The Path Home To Source                                                           … Read More

Effortless Design

Using The Truth Of Your Being As Living Potential Is The Key The Masters Are With You Aligning With The Organization of Fullness and Fulfillment Designing Your Life As If All Is Available To You Because It Is Can you Design a Life So Grand That Allowing The Creations To Appear Effortlessly is Easy?   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 … Read More

What If You’re IT?

Many People Are Counting On You Resolve The Differences Inside It Is Possible To Have It All Confidence Wins The Day   Activate Transmosis Light Up The Brain and Spine See The White Golden River Flowing In Expanded Peace   The Truth Will Be Revealed To You; When It’s Time As You Amount To Graceful Expectation A Clearing Will Be … Read More

Free Spirit

Free Spirit Yield To The Flow Engulfed With What Is Divine Direction   I Know Nothing This Is Good A Place Of Discovery Innocence   Releasing The Past Is Easy To Do Old and Complete Divine Intervention Brings A New   Real Alignment Pick And Choose True To Self Harmonious View   Resolve The Past It Serves You Not Become … Read More


Realize the Future Into Being Receive the Gifts Desired Manifestation is Easy Allow It © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2019 All Rights Reserved

Blossoming Love

The Love You Feel Now Will Blossom When In Full Bloom You Have Become The Beloved Heart Of All Creation Witness The Feeling And Exuberant Joy   Its Easy When You Know How To Love All Effort Cease And Grace Ensues Realizing The Moment Is Here Capturing The Essence Emanating Radiance   The Tenderness Of This Heart Soothes Your Soul … Read More

How May I Serve You Today?

“How May I Serve You Today?” Who’s Asking? “It is Your Higher Self” How Honored Am I to hear this request. I’ve never been asked this before. I must contemplate this loving gesture. “It is always here for you and now that you know the truth, you can request anything and receive it.” Oh my I AM so grateful, honored, … Read More

The Now

Rectifying The Past Is Easy Welcoming The Now Is Choice © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life Free Yourself to BE Constraints are Common Easy Flow ~ Up Lights © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved