You Are Needed

The World Needs Your Will Be Forthright In Alignment As The Words Come – Speak Them As Truth Unveils – Be Well                                    

Replicant Selves

How Many Replicant Selves Are There? All The Cloaks, Masks, Conformities The Essence Of Your Existence Is Real Blessings of Love                                  

Pure Consciousness

Pure Consciousness Has No Form Yet It Is Here Everywhere Connect To It; Become It Miracles Abound                                


You Will Receive Great Blessings Of Love and Light You Are Ready Be The Light I Am The Light   Always In Existence; Always Present Be Love Be Light Be © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved

Expand Your Heart

Allow Grace to Scour Your Heart With Love Your Innocence Perceives You Blessings Like Water Falls Come Down And Expand Your Heart © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2018 All Rights Reserved

Traverse The Universe

As I Traverse This Universe Blessings Are All Around As I Take Time To See I Begin, Again, To BE   The Way of the World Astounds Me Ravens Cry Out Love is  All Around   As I Charge Forth I Ascend Above To Worlds Less Traveled By the One’s Asleep   As the Words Come I Rest in Peace … Read More

Shall I Begin?

Shall I Begin? We Will Help You Anoint The Earth And All Her Inhabitants   Welcoming Grace Allowing Love Permeating Souls Receiving Truth   This is Who You Are A Being Who Knows The Truth The Possibilities   Being Awareness Being Consciousness Ignites Souls To Remember   Sacred Ambitions Sacred Callings Blessings Essence   These Are Tools To Awakening To … Read More

Welcoming the Day

You Are Sound Sound Is Light Expressing Itself May the Blessings Be   God Is At Hand Being You Thanking You for Being Willing   The Fountain of Love Manifests Through the Heart Overflowing Joy Being Witnessed   Joyful Thoughts Flow As One Becomes Aware of Presence Being   The Bodies Warn You When Imbalance Occurs Righting the Track Towards … Read More


The Sweetness of Life Exists Within You Blessings Abound Deep Connection Is © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Other Side

We Will Meet You on the Other Side Retreat Uncertainty Nature Unfolds Blessings Be © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

The Heart Beats

The Heart Beats With Life Loving Impressions Pulsing Infinite Blessings © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved

Divine Presence

Divine Presence As Above, So Below Being You Blessings Abound © Tracey Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved