Independence Day

We On The Earth Plane Need Your Help

As We Unite in Gatherings of Love

We Embrace The Ignition Of Light

Sparking Our Inner Journeys of Oneness

We Believe In Love As We Are Love.

As We Acknowledge Love

All Forces Combine To Unite All Beings

And Together We Are Unstoppable

As The Gentle Flowing Force Of Love

Permeates The Masses In Kindness

To Open Hearts And Breathe In and Out

The Life Force Called Love.

Love Is The Way.

The Magi Way.

The Inner Path Is Unique and Beautiful

For All To Bear Witness To

Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Only To Be In Awe Of

As This Co-Creative Beingness

Flows Always In All Ways.

As We TAP Into Our Divinity

We Remember Ourselves As Our Original Form

Flows Lovingly With Ease

Be The Magi.

Be The Life You Cherish And Only Dream About

As It Can Be Yours If You So Choose.

The Beginning And The End Continuously Flowing Forth

Being Awake, Aware, And Fully Conscious.

The Magi Awakens And Becomes The Way.

So Be It.

It Has Started And Only Begun.

Thank you.

© Tracey Leigh Whittet 2017 All Rights Reserved