Designing a Life Specific For You

Designing a Life Specific For You Aligning With The Forces of Love Demanding Nothing Forgiving Everything Non-Attachment Glides You Through

Key Is Awareness

The Truth Will Set You Free Awareness Is The Key Designing Life As It Presents Keeps The Flow Generating

Effortless Design

Using The Truth Of Your Being As Living Potential Is The Key The Masters Are With You Aligning With The Organization of Fullness and Fulfillment Designing Your Life As If All Is Available To You Because It Is Can you Design a Life So Grand That Allowing The Creations To Appear Effortlessly is Easy?   © Tracey Leigh Whittet 2020 … Read More

Designing Life

Designing Life Unfolds Through Existent Time and Space Revolving Around Prominent Thoughts and Wishes Hoping and Longing For All Change To Occur   Realize That Truth Is Here For You and Others As One Slows Down, Sits, Closes The Eyes And Opens To Inner Worlds Without Bounds   Do This To Free Soul’s Expression For It Is The Nature of … Read More