African Drums

African Drums Await You Sincere Communion With Nature The Heartbeat Of The Jungle Aliveness Bestowed

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality Is The Plan Of The Divine Human Relax The Strain And Just Connect Then All Will Flow

Evolving Unknown

Formulating Your Core Message Designed From Your Heart’s Journey Connects A Wider Net Of Hearts Into The Evolving Unknown Together

Fierce Power

Right The Wrongs In Your Heart Sit Pretty Hands On Lap And Wait To Respond Proper Alignment With Soul Is Required Fierce Power Of Freedom

True Perception?

Ask Your Perception If It Is True Witnessing The Grandeur Of Life Creates Kaleidoscopic Results Be The New Formations

Knife In Your Back

The Knife In Your Back Is Your Own Doing Forgive Everything Focus Forward Be The Service Source Generates


We Are Inviting You In To A Realm Of Possibilities Not Visited Before Create!


I Stopped Being MySelf Different Perspective Make The World A Better Place Aligning With Self Whole Heartedly


Written October 30, 2011 / Published Ten Years Later!? on July 26, 2021 We begin our story with wondering about the nature of life.  More specifically, wondering about the nature of the expression of sadness in my life.  Why am I here?  What is the point?  How do I get happy? First of all, life is a gift and All … Read More

Day By Day

Pathways Are Written Long Before Arriving The Next Steps Will Unfold Day By Day

Reset Occurred

A Reset Occurred Our Hearts Have Been Enlarged To Open To Community Expansion

Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts Are A Variety Of Life Bouquets Of Flowers Too Families Are Circles Infinite Love


Divinely Inspired Gestures Connecting The Dots Of Love Pixels of Experience Become One


The Pressure Is Dissipating Allowing A Rebalancing To Occur Waking Life Becomes Fruitful Harvest Awaits

Golden River

Relaxing Into The Flow Is An Art Go In-Tu-It Ride The Current Of The Golden River Divinely Orchestrated To Your Destiny


Leaving This World Behind The Truth Shall Set You Free When You Believe In Yourself Allowing Us To Come Through You Provides Experience Of What Is

Freedom Inside

The Freedom You Seek Is Inside Of You You Are Tapping Into It Right Now Allow The Intuitive Path To Guide You True There Is No Other Way

Good Life

Life Is Good How To Rejoice Sing Like The Ravens Expressive Joy

Realms Unseen

I Would Really Like To Go Into The Realms Unseen To Discover The Essence Of The Beginning To Untangle The Mystery

The Truth

The Truth Is Within You Sea Of Endless Love Aware Of Your Surroundings Boundless Grace

Dearly Loved

He Loves You Dearly Like A Cool Summer’s Breeze Witnessing The Love Between You Hope Ensues

Envelope In Time

There Is An Envelope In Time Coming That When You Exert Your Internal Presence Will Be Known Then People Will Notice And More Will Come

Mysteries Abound

Mysteries Abound And Then They Are Made Clear When The Happenstance Is Revealed Beauty Surrounds

What Is Your Over Riding Personal Story?

I have been an imposter my entire life. I have pretended to be happy when I wasn’t. I’ve exerted energy when I haven’t had it and felt less about myself when I couldn’t sustain it. My conditioned response has been one of complication. I have been unclear how to respond to life. The outside world has shown me how others … Read More


We Are Here We Come To You With Peace and Contentment With Everything You Do Do It With Love

Gabriel Scroll

The Script Is Written No Need To Fret Sitting Down and Deciphering Is Now

Awakening Heart

Awakening Pressure In The Heart Discerning The Sensation The Field Discovers New Adventures Of Expression

Spirit’s Plan

What Do You Want To Do? I Want To Live Life To The Fullest Being At One With Spirit’s Plan Contentment

Returning To Balance

Returning Balance To The People Is Key Disgrace Erased The Circumstances Of Evil Erased Random Resolution


Solitude And Silence Good For The Soul Reconnect To Wholeness In Concert With Reality

Art Of Life

The Art Of Creating Is The Art Of Life Allow Your Self To Become Your Self There Is All That You Can Handle And More Precious Moments Expressing Contented Love


He Is Your Soul Mate Divinely Delivered To You Appreciating The Privacy Of Relationship With My Beloved


Realize It Comes Eventually Time Is Not A Wasting Creating Collectively Prosperous Presentations

Designing Mysteries

How To Implement The Teachings Keeps Coming To The Forefront Paramount Pictures Flashing By Designing Mysteries

Full Concert

Will You Become Your Self? In Full Concert With The Divine Quiet Solitude Presents Inspirational Ideas

Key Is Awareness

The Truth Will Set You Free Awareness Is The Key Designing Life As It Presents Keeps The Flow Generating

Creative Source

What Does The Creative Source Want Me To Do? What Say You? Refresh The Slate And Be You Fully Connected From Within

Hook of Attachment

The Hook Of Attachment Is Painful Diagnosing The Attachment Is Key No One Can Tell You The Truth You Are The Answer

Full Connection

Full Connection Head and Heart The Planes of Existence Release The Many Ways To Be Funnel The Light Of You

The Conduit

Opening The Conduit To Existence The Light Fills The Field The Cells Congregate Together Fulfilling The Role