Lovett Bayne


My first session with Tracey was to seek help in overcoming residual anxiety from my chaotic, dysfunctional childhood. I left the session with overwhelming feelings of love and peace for myself and others. The session helped propel me out of the dark hole of anxiety and depression. Since the first session I have had others with Tracey, each focused on a different hurdle I wanted to conquer. The most profound session was showing me the path to finding my voice and giving me the strength or permission to speak up for myself. This has been life changing for me…and those closest to me. Years of therapy had gotten me to a point in my life where I could identify emotions that were not serving me and the tools to deal with those emotions. However, I never found strength in therapy or identified my own personal power that is already within me. I feel like my sessions with Tracey peeled away the layers that a traumatic childhood can paint on your soul. She uncovered my essence and let me see that I am loved, seen, and heard. And that I already possess power that I can draw upon when needed.